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  2016 Metro-North Customer Survey Results
We're Moving in the Right Direction...

At least you think so, according to the results of our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Customer SatisfactionYou gave us a 90% rating for Overall Satisfaction — that's a 7% jump from 2015!

And we attained that increase despite the mid-May 2016 fire under the Park Avenue Viaduct, which caused a major service disruption during the time the survey was being conducted. (By time period, the rating for Peak period Service jumped 6 points to 87%. Those of you who use our Reverse-peak Service gave us a 94% rating for Overall Satisfaction—that's an 11 point gain from 2015! Weekday Off-Peak Service rose 9 points to 93%, and Weekend Service rose 3 points to 95%.)

Customer Satisfaction

We are also pleased to report that all major service categories received higher satisfaction scores when compared with 2015's results.

By line, Overall Satisfaction rose 11 points on the New Haven Line to 87%. Since the 2014 survey, satisfaction with Metro-North overall among New Haven Line customers has gained an impressive 28 points.

Customer Satisfaction by LIne

This still trails our Hudson and Harlem Lines, both of which gained 3 points and saw their ratings rise to 92% satisfied.

On-Time PerformanceThe rating for On-Time Performance, a key driver of customer satisfaction, improved by 6 points in 2016 to 80% satisfied. This reflects an improvement in service reliability due to our aggressive infrastructure improvements and attention to train scheduling.

Overall Communication saw a ratings rise to 86% satisfied. During Normal Service conditions, 90% of you were satisfied with our efforts. During Unplanned Service Disruptions 69% of you were satisfied, which is a 2 percentage point increase over 2015.


StationsYour ratings for our stations also increased. Home Boarding Stations Overall attained a 90% satisfied. And Grand Central Terminal Overall was rated at 96% satisfied.

Finally, our employees rate with you! You gave them a 95% rating for Overall Courtesy and Responsiveness. Our Conductors attained a 96% rating in this category.


In addition to these major categories, the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey asked you to rate your satisfaction with specific characteristics of service.

Some 60 characteristics were also included on the 2015 survey. Of them:

• 52 characteristics improved.

• 5 characteristics remained the same.

• 3 characteristics declined.

Your participation in our Customer Satisfaction Survey is key to helping us determine areas where we need to improve, and what we need to continue doing to keep you "satisfied" with our service and moving in the right direction

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