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MetroCard and Your Commission

Here's what you'll earn when you sell MetroCard:

$5.50 MetroCard & $5 AirTrain

No commission is given with these cards and it is not counted in batch totals for discounts.

$20.95 MetroCard & $32.00 7-Day Unlimited Pass

2.5% for 1 batch
2.7% for any 2 to 4 batches
3% for any five or more batches

$10.48 MetroCard, $26.19 MetroCard, $39.29 MetroCard, $59.50 7-Day Express Bus Plus, $61.90 MetroCard, $121.00 30-Day Unlimited Pass, $25 10-Trip AirTrain MetroCard, and $40 30-Day AirTrain Unlimited.

1.5% for 1 batch
2.5% for any 2 batches
2.7% for any 3 to 9 batches
3% for any 10 or more batches

Note: MTA fare changes took effect March 19, 2017, but there is no change to the AirTrain card which remains $5.

Note: Commission is deducted at the time of purchase.

Note: New MetroCard Retail Merchant applicants must comply with the following standards in order to qualify for commissions on orders:

  • Applicant must currently sell retail goods to the general public from a visible location that is conveniently accessible to the public.
  • Applicant’s establishment must have clearly posted hours of operation.
  • Approved merchant agrees to display MetroCard signage and materials in a prominent location on its premises.
  • Approved merchant agrees to make MetroCard available for sale to the general public during posted hours of operation.
  • The physical street address of an approved merchant must be on file with MTA New York City Transit so it can be listed on the MTA’s website. This convenience will aid customers in locating the establishment and facilitate MetroCard purchases.

* Merchant should be located in the New York Metropolitan Area unless otherwise approved by NYC Transit

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