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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season (June 1 through November 30) brings high winds, heavy rains, and dangerous lightning which can result in flooding, mudslides, fallen trees, and downed power lines along our right-of-way. We can’t stop the weather’s worst from happening, but we have several operating plans at the ready, depending on the weather’s impact. As with “Irene” and “Superstorm Sandy,” we will take appropriate steps before, during and after a hurricane. That may include shutting down the railroad before a storm’s arrival. If conditions are severe enough, our only options may be to reduce or suspend train service temporarily. When the storm is over, we know you want us to return to regular service immediately, and we will do our best to recover quickly. Please keep in mind that sometimes getting back to normal takes time. We may need to repair our tracks, signal and power systems, or train cars due to storm damage. We may also need to reposition employees and equipment before restoring service. To help you prepare for hurricane season we recommend:

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