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Safe Rules of the Railroad

An Extra Level of Safety
Our new bi-level coaches have been designed with several features for enhanced comfort and safety. This brochure will outline some of these features, and explain what to do in the unlikely event of an on-board emergency.

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Safe Rules of the Railroad
Even though emergencies and train evacuations are rare, LIRR train crews receive specialized training to handle them. Every crew member is given a refresher training course once every two years.
MTA Long Island Rail Road is one of the safest commuter railroads in the country, operating more than a quarter of a million trains each year. Day and night, we transport men, women and children, as well as people with various disabilities, from Montauk to Manhattan. Our equipment and facilities meet or exceed safety requirements of the various state and federal agencies. But we also need your cooperation to provide you with a safe, smooth ride. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the safety features on our new bi-level coaches and the procedures to follow if it becomes necessary to evacuate a train between stations.

Your safety is our very first priority. Our train crews will keep you informed and assist you in any way necessary during an on-board emergency.
Safe Rules of the Railroad


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