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"Be TrainSmart" Safety Campaign - Phase 6
"Wait Behind the Gate" Warns MTA LIRR

The MTA Long Island Rail Road is warning the public to exercise extreme caution when crossing the tracks in the latest segment of its "Be TrainSmart Tune In To Safety Campaign!". The "Wait Behind The Gate" part of the year-long LIRR public safety campaign points to railroad grade crossings as an area where both motorists and pedestrians should be especially attentive.

The brochure, along with on-train posters, stresses a number of important safety points for both motorists and pedestrians. They include: always expect a train at every crossing, cross tracks only at designated locations, don't cross the tracks unless there is room for your vehicle on the other side, and never drive around lowered gates as another train may be approaching.

Railroad grade crossings are a common element of traffic safety in many communities. Lowered gates, flashing lights and ringing bells warn of a train's approach, and they should always be regarded with caution. Customers, pedestrians and motorists must take the time to look, listen and heed these warning signs.

Areas covered by the "Be TrainSmart Tune In To Safety" Campaign included "Watch the Gap!," "Plan Ahead To Exit!," "Hold Your Child's Hand!," "Let Them Exit First!," and "Watch Your Step!."

The LIRR's new Be TrainSmart "Wait Behind the Gate!" safety campaign materials are available for viewing below in PDF format:

Be TrainSmart "Wait Behind the Gate!" Poster
Be TrainSmart "Wait Behind the Gate!" Brochure

"Be TrainSmart" Tune In To Safety! Campaign

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