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"Be TrainSmart" Safety Campaign Launched - Phase 1
LIRR President Asks Customers To Tune In To Safety

The MTA Long Island Rail Road announced a new customer awareness safety campaign called "Be TrainSmart." Recognizing that customers live in a 24/7 world with cell phones, text messages, iPods, Blackberries, newspapers and cups of coffee, the LIRR is asking customers to "Tune In To Safety."

The goal of the "Be TrainSmart" campaign is to improve customer safety by raising customer awareness about safe habits and customer behaviors that will reduce the number of accidents for those traveling with the LIRR. This comprehensive campaign will run for an entire year, focusing on a new safety factor every two months. It will include the use of posters, brochures and advertisements at stations and on trains.

Asking customers to "Tune In To Safety," the LIRR is mounting an aggressive and highly visible safety education drive to raise awareness of the gap - the space between the platform and the train. The gap permits trains to move safely through stations at various speeds and provides clearance for side-to-side train motion. The LIRR plans to appeal to customers to take a break from "texting" or using the phone as they step over the gap.

The new "Be TrainSmart" safety campaign makes use of striking visuals and bright colors to attract customer attention. In-station and on-board announcements will be another major element of the campaign.

Over the course of the year, key safety areas and behaviors will be targeted - one every two months - for better customer awareness. In the coming months, the LIRR will offer tips to help customers "Be TrainSmart" when it comes to platform safety, child safety aboard trains, door safety, grade crossing safety and escalator/stair use safety.

A special feature of the safety campaign will be the focus on children. Train crew members will give out stickers that read "I Can Step Over the Gap!" to children and parents they encounter on trains.

Enthusiastic about the sticker program, LIRR Conductor Paul Juliano said: "As a father, I know how much children like to ride trains. And as a Conductor, I know how important it is to pay attention when stepping on and off the train. We want kids to have a safe train ride. I volunteered to talk with children and their parents about crossing the gap safely as I walk through my trains. The stickers will be a nice incentive for kids to listen."

The LIRR's new Be TrainSmart "Watch the Gap!" safety campaign materials are available for viewing below in PDF format:

Be TrainSmart "Watch the Gap!" Poster 1
Be TrainSmart "Watch the Gap!" Poster 2
Be TrainSmart "Watch the Gap!" Brochure 1
Be TrainSmart "Watch the Gap!" Brochure 2
Be TrainSmart "Watch the Gap!" Stickers

"Be TrainSmart" Tune In To Safety! Campaign

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