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"Be TrainSmart" Safety Campaign - Phase 2
"Let Them Exit First!" is focus of Next Phase of Safety Campaign; Safely Getting On and Off Trains

The MTA Long Island Rail Road Be TrainSmart/Tune In To Safety campaign is asking customers to "Let Them Exit First" before boarding the train. The newest installment of this year-long campaign links courtesy to safety and focuses on the need for customers waiting on the platform to stand aside, allowing those onboard a clear, safe pathway to the platform. Onboard posters and brochures stress that courteous behavior when entering and exiting trains, particularly in crowded conditions, is an important factor in gap safety.

Continuing the theme begun with the "Watch the Gap!" brochure and campaign, "Let them exit first!" reminds LIRR passengers that "we know you are tuned in to your world. But take a moment to pause for safety." Customers are told that taking the time to allow fellow riders to exit safely, without crowding on board when the train doors first open at a station stop, will help everyone to stay on schedule and, most importantly, stay safe.  Common sense, but sometimes overlooked, safety tips are also included in the brochure. Among the suggestions: moving inside the car as you board, to let others behind you enter safely and never placing bags near the door where they may pose a tripping hazard.

The "Be TrainSmart" safety campaign makes use of striking visuals and bright colors to attract customer attention. In-station and on-board announcements are another major element. When the campaign began, key safety areas and behaviors will be targeted-one every two months-for better customer awareness. Following "Let them exit first!"and "Watch the gap!" LIRR customers can expect to see other major safety areas addressed including platform safety, child safety aboard trains, grade crossing safety and escalator/stair use safety.

In the first installment of the Be TrainSmart/Tune In To Safety campaign, the LIRR appealed to customers to take a break from "texting" or using cell phones as they step over the gap. In the coming months, the LIRR will offer tips to help customers "Be TrainSmart" when it comes to child safety when boarding trains, and train door safety, which are also important to gap safety.

Another special element of the Be TrainSmart/Tune In To Safety campaign is a children's safety contest entitled "I Can Step Over the GAP!" Train crew personnel, MTA Police and teachers are being supplied with stickers that read "I Can Step Over the GAP!" On the assumption that the children have learned to cross over the gap, they are able to enroll in a contest, which will result in ten winners.

The LIRR's new Be TrainSmart 'Let Them Exit First!" safety campaign materials are available for viewing below in PDF format:

Be TrainSmart "Let Them Exit First!" Poster
Be TrainSmart "Let Them Exit First!" Brochure

"Be TrainSmart" Tune In To Safety! Campaign

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