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LIRR Group Travel - Info

We strive to make group travel easy, affordable and fun! Let us whisk you to your destination - no traffic, no hassles, just great service.

Save Money
Our rates will make you skip the bus! Save up to 60% off regular rail fares for groups of 30 or more. Groups of 15 or less may still save money (compare group rate x 30 people vs Off-peak rates for your group size, or call our office). Also see smaller group fare options.


When you call our Group Sales office in advance, our team helps you plan you trip and adds your train choices in our reservation system so we can let our train staff know to expect you. We recommend reservations be made at least two weeks in advance, as reservations are subject to available space on trains.

Return Any Time

With LIRR "Individual Return Tickets", you can return at any time, including rush hour. Individual Return Tickets give your group members the option of returning together or separately (on the same day of your trip). For this option, all group members must pay the LIRR Adult group rate.

If you are new to travel on the LIRR, our staff can help. Besides providing excellent pre-planning assistance, on business days our staff may be available to meet you at your station, or on your train, and get you into Penn and direct you towards your final destination. Priority is given to large school groups, starting with the youngest children first, those in need of special assistance, and those moving on to the subway.

School Field Trips are Our Specialty
Our mission is to help our children become comfortable with using mass transit. We offer schools priority with escorts and more:

Buying Tickets

LIRR Rules of Conduct

Your safety is our #1 priority. Making a group reservation will help us to make your trip more enjoyable and safe. Please review the following tips to insure a safe and pleasant trip for all.

Smaller Group Fare Options

Customers must pay for a minimum of 30 people to use the group rate. However, groups of about 15 or more can usually save money by paying for 30 tickets (the balance of tickets can be paid at the cheaper youth rate). Other ways for smaller groups to save money include the following:

Group Travel Reservation Restrictions

The LIRR reserves the right to establish which trains have excess capacity to handle groups, and rules for safety. The sale of any ticket includes no assurance of a seat on a particular train. Groups will not be reserved:

Please reserve tickets at least two weeks in advance. For reservations, call 718-558-7419.
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4PM
(closed major holidays)

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