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Take the Train to the Game
LIRR One-Ticket Ride to the MetLife Stadium
for Football Games and Select Events

Getting There is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...
Customers can take the LIRR to the MetLife Stadium for football games and select events.

  1. Take a regularly scheduled LIRR train to Penn Station.
  2. At Penn, proceed to New Jersey Transit’s (NJT) upper or lower level concourses to board a NJT train to Secaucus Junction (SEC), about a 12-minute ride. Check NJT monitors for track assignments for trains to “SEC” or listen to announcements. NJT tracks are numbered 1-12; some NJT trains may use LIRR Tracks 13-16 on weekends.
  3. At Secaucus Junction, show your rail ticket at the gate and then follow the signs to the lower level for the short train shuttle ride to the Stadium. Train shuttle service will run frequently starting approximately three hours before each game and up to two hours after the game. Train shuttle service from Secaucus to Meadowlands varies for other events. Please verify your itinerary at for schedules to Meadowlands from NY Penn Station or Secaucus Junction (SEC).

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Penn Station/Meadowlands Maps

Train Schedules

LIRR and NJT trains are not direct connections - please time your trip accordingly.

For all game times, NJT has three departures in the first fifteen minutes after the hour, for at least two or three hours before the game. See LIRR Schedules and NJT Meadowlands Schedules (NJT lists Penn as "New York Penn Station") or we offer help...

Note: MetLife Stadium does not allow coolers or any oversized containers on their property.

Buying Train Tickets
LIRR customers can purchase joint LIRR/NJT tickets to "Meadowlands" Station for off-peak one-way, round-trip and ten-trip travel. At machines, select the button that reads " Another Station", then select "M", then "Meadowlands" Station. These tickets are valid for travel on both LIRR and NJT trains for Football games and limited events. We recommend you purchase round-trip tickets before boarding since NJT does NOT sell this joint ticket, and tickets purchased on-board trains cost more (see NJT ticket rules).

The joint Meadowlands tickets are NOT available at Penn, Brooklyn, Long Island City or Hunterspoint Avenue LIRR stations and are NOT available on board LIRR trains.

At Ticket Machine or Ticket Office:  Purchase a round-trip joint ticket to the “Meadowlands” Station for off-peak travel. Price is standard LIRR fare plus $10.50 for round-trip NJT portion of travel. NJT does not sell the joint ticket, therefore we recommend round-trip purchases.

LIRR Tickets Holders:  Commuters/customers that already have an LIRR ticket to Penn or Zone 1 must purchase a NJT ticket to the Meadowlands. NJT tickets can be purchased at windows on the NJT upper level or at ticket machines, available throughout the NJT upper and lower levels. NJT machines list Penn as "New York Penn Station." Please allow extra time as lines may be long before games. We suggest using machines in NJT waiting area.

Tickets & Fares
Adults (ages 12-61)
LIRR tickets to “Meadowlands” include the standard LIRR and NJT fare. The current NJT round-trip fare is $10.50 (NJT does not offer discounted round-trip tickets). Off-peak ten-trip tickets offer a 15% savings on the LIRR fares, and include 10 NJT one-way fares.

Fare difference exists for Seniors & Children; please read carefully to get the best fare:

Adults (ages 62-64)
To receive the cheapest fare we recommend you purchase separate tickets: standard Adult LIRR fare to Penn Station, and Senior fare at NJT ticket offices or ticket machines.

Seniors (age 65 and Over)
LIRR Senior tickets to “Meadowlands” include the standard LIRR discounted Senior fare. LIRR Senior Ten Trip tickets are available as a convenience ticket at 10 times these fares.

Children (ages 5-11)
LIRR tickets to “Meadowlands” include the LIRR family fare of $1.00 each way. The LIRR fare is good for up to 4 children per adult.

Be sure to allow time to purchase tickets before boarding. LIRR one-way and round-trip tickets are now valid for 60 Days from date of sale. Ten-trip tickets are valid for six months and can be shared. Tickets are refundable up to 6-months from date of sale and are subject to a $10 processing fee per transaction.

NJT Ticket Rules
Customers must have either a joint LIRR/NJT ticket to the Meadowlands or a NJT-only ticket from New York Penn Station to the Meadowlands before boarding NJT trains at Penn Station. NJT train crews check tickets on-board trains. Customers without tickets from Penn Station to the Meadowlands will have to purchase them on board NJT trains and be subject to the $5 additional fee or purchase a New York Penn Station-to-Meadowlands ticket at a Secaucus TVM prior to entering the station or going through NJT fare gates.

Children under 5
Up to three children ride free with each adult.

See more LIRR Ticket Information or call our Customer Service Center.

Home Games/Major Event Schedule -
Service and tickets are good for these dates:
Date Event Time
8/5/2015 One Direction
8/15/2015 Kenny Chesney
8/21/2015 Jets vs. Falcons preseason
8/22/2015 Giants vs. Jaguars preseason
8/26/2015 AC/DC Concert TBA
8/29/2015 Giants vs. Jets preseason
9/3/2015 Jets vs. Eagles preseason
9/13/2015 Jets vs. Browns
9/20/2015 Giants vs. Falcons
9/24/2015 Giants vs. Redskins
9/27/2015 Jets vs. Eagles
10/11/2015 Giants vs. 49ers
10/18/2015 Jets vs. Redskins
10/25/2015 Giants vs. Cowboys
11/8/2015 Jets vs. Jaguars
11/12/2015 Jets vs. Bills
11/15/2015 Giants vs. Patriots
11/29/2015 Jets vs. Dolphins
12/6/2015 Giants vs. Jets
12/13/2015 Jets vs. Titans
12/20/2015 Giants vs. Panthers
12/27/2015 Jets vs. Patriots
1/03/2016 Giants vs. Eagles
Other Events at Metlife Stadium

*The National Football League has implemented flexible scheduling for the last seven (7) weeks of the regular season -- times are subject to change. Please check JETS and GIANTS websites.

Travel Tips

Metlife Stadium - Rules & Regulations/Policies:

Carry-In Policy
Guests are welcome to carry-in the following items into MetLife Stadium:

All bags and other permissible items will be subject to multiple screenings prior to entering MetLife Stadium.

The following items are not permitted to be carried into MetLife Stadium:

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