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Long Island Rail Road Double Track Project

The Double Track Project will improve service and reliability on the LIRR’s Ronkonkoma Branch, spur economic activity, provide hundreds of construction jobs and improve LIRR service to Long Island MacArthur Airport. Ridership on the LIRR’s Ronkonkoma Branch has doubled over the last 25 years, growing in popularity since the line was electrified in 1988.

With only one track along the 18 mile stretch between Ronkonkoma and Farmingdale, there is very little flexibility in the event of a service disruption. If one train becomes disabled, all other trains (east and west) have no way around the problem.

Construction of an uninterrupted second track between Farmingdale and Ronkonkoma has been part of the LIRR’s vision for decades. There’s never been a better time to reduce crowding, prevent delays and boost the local economy by building the Double Track now.

Economic Development Benefits

  • Increased train service to employment centers on Long Island and in New York City
  • Off-Peak Half-Hourly Service Frequency to Ronkonkoma
  • Improved Train Service to/from Long Island MacArthur Airport
  • Improved train service between Queens/Nassau and Suffolk
  • Benefit New Residential and Commercial Development Around Train Stations:
    • Projects under development include: Wyandanch, Deer Park, Ronkonkoma
    • Supports redevelopment of village centers and areas around existing LIRR stations
  • Paves Way for Possible Reopening of Republic Station to Serve Busy Rte 110

Customer & Community Benefits

  • NO Property Acquisition is Needed
    • Double Track Will Be Completed Entirely Within the Existing LIRR Right-of-Way
  • Service Enhancements
    • Allows for Half-Hourly, Off-Peak Service in both directions
    • More choices for those who commute between stations on Long Island
    • Better train service to/from Long Island MacArthur Airport
    • Increased Reverse Peak Service
  • More Reliable Train Service on One of the LIRR’s Busiest Branches
    • Improve On-Time Performance (OTP) to make commuting by rail more dependable (91.2% of Ronkonkoma morning rush hour trains ran on-time in 2011 versus system-wide average of 93.2%)
    • Faster recovery from service disruptions
    • Relieve strain on single track capacity
  • Supports Opportunities for Additional Rail Service in the Future
    • Provides opportunity for reopening of a Republic LIRR station to serve the busy Rt. 110 employment corridor

Construction Benefits

  • Construction Benefits Will Create Hundreds of Construction Jobs Over the Next 5 Years and Opportunities for Long Island Businesses
    • General Contractors
    • Architects/Engineers
    • Material Suppliers
    • Trucking
    • Demolition
    • Paving
    • Concrete
    • Steel
    • Electrical
    • Grading
    • Drainage
    • Fencing
    • Landscaping
    • Painting
    • Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)
    • Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs)
    • Women-owned Business Enterprises (WBEs)
    • Small Businesses

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