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Rules and Regulations

The MTA Long Island Rail Road Rules and Regulations make everyone’s ride better. Failure to pay the fare or violation of any of the rules can result in arrest, fine and/or ejection.

Please do not:

  • Vandalize, deface, destroy or tamper with LIRR property or equipment
  • Litter or create unsanitary conditions
  • Smoke on trains, any indoor area within a terminal or station, any outdoor ticketing, boarding or platform area of a terminal or station
  • Endanger your own safety or the safety of others
  • Create unreasonable noise by any means. This includes playing a radio or other sound-producing device without earphones and at a sound level audible to others
  • Lie down or take more than one seat
  • Block free movement
  • Engage in unauthorized commercial activity
  • Enter tracks, tunnels or restricted areas
  • Leave a terminal, station or train except by designated entrances or exits
  • Refuse to give up a seat designated for disabled persons if asked to do so by an LIRR Crew member or MTA Police Officer
  • Refuse to present a valid LIRR ticket, LIRR pass, or pay the applicable fare, as required
  • Travel with any animal except a seeing eye or hearing dog, or an animal properly confined for shipment

For your safety, do not:

  • Cross the tracks when the gate is lowered, or being opened or closed; or when there is an audible or visible electronic or mechanical signal device (or human flagman) warning of an approaching train; or when you can hear or see a train approaching. No person shall cross train tracks at locations other than public crossings.
The above are highlights of some of the LIRR’s Rules and Regulations. For a complete listing of the MTA Long Island Rail Road’s Rules and Regulations, see the

Rules and Regulations Governing the Conduct and Safety of the Public and Use of the Long Island Rail Road Company Terminals, Stations and Trains
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