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Rules and Regulations

Metro-North Railroad (“MNR”) and Long Island Rail Road (“LIRR”) amended Rules of Conduct, 21 NYCRR 1085 and 21 NYCRR 1097, respectively, effective April 29, 2020

  • New provision providing that 90 minutes is the maximum amount of time in a day a person can use benches, chairs or other furniture in the public or ticketed passenger-only areas of any terminals or stations. [MNR Section 1085.4(e); LIRR Section 1097.4(e)] [New provision does not prohibit staying in stations more than 90 minutes, just prohibits using benches, chairs and other furniture in stations for more than 90 minutes.]

  • New provision providing that persons may remain in shelters on train platforms no more than 90 minutes.  [MNR Section 1085.4(f); LIRR Section 1097.4(f)]  

  • Existing Railroad rules forbid lying down on the floor, platforms, stairs and landings at stations and terminals.  Amended to add prohibition against lying down on tables, benches, chairs, other furniture or counters at stations and terminals. [MNR Section 1085.5(a); LIRR Section 1097.5(a)]

  • Existing Railroad rules permitted consumption of alcoholic beverages and carrying open alcoholic beverage containers on trains, platforms, terminals and stations.  Amended to remove specific areas where consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted and instead gives the Railroads discretion to determine where and when to allow such activities.  [MNR Section 1085.5(d); LIRR Section 1097.5(d)]

  • Existing Railroad rules prohibit smoking on trains, at terminals, stations, and outdoor ticketing, boarding and platform areas.  Amended to clarify that this prohibition includes e-cigarettes.  [MNR Section 1085.5(o); LIRR Section 1097.5(o)]

  • New provision prohibits sitting on platforms, stairs, tables, counters or landings at stations and terminals.  [MNR Section 1085.5(r); LIRR Section 1097.5(r)]

  • New provision prohibits wheeled carts greater than thirty inches in length or width at stations and terminals, except for authorized deliveries and strollers with children.  [MNR Section 1085.5(s); LIRR Section 1097.5(s)]

  • New provision prohibits performing any act that interferes with the provision of transportation services, obstructs the flow of traffic around facilities, platforms or conveyances, interferes with access to an escalator, stairway, elevator or train, or otherwise interferes with the safe operation of Railroad trains and facilities.  [MNR Section 1085.5(t); LIRR Section 1097.5(t)]

  • Mask Compliance Amendment
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