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RFEI # 041519

Modular Elevators

Prior to a formal solicitation to procure a qualified vendor, the Long Island Rail Road Company (LIRR) is seeking an Expression of Interest from qualified contractors that may be interested in providing information for the LIRR to prepare a specification for the design, construction and installation of modular elevators, elevator shafts and elevator machine rooms. 

This solicitation seeks information from qualified contractors to demonstrate to the LIRR how we may be able to make more stations ADA accessible, improve our installation time and reduce our costs with the installation of modular elevators within the capital program.  The modular elevator, shaft and machine room shall be factory-built, production tested, delivered, installed, integrated, and site-tested, together with all components necessary for a complete installation.  New non-proprietary equipment of current production by a national firm shall be used by the contractors for the modular elevator, shaft and machine room.  The LIRR would like to have one source responsible for warranty and parts. The equipment and components supplied shall meet ADA standards, applicable codes and the Long Island Rail Road requirements.

Along with the Expression of Interest, the LIRR is interested in recommendations and alternate approaches to the work which provides the desired functional equipment and offer time, cost savings and reliability on materials, equipment and installation.  Your response to the RFEI will not be evaluated or ranked but will be used by the LIRR to possibly refine and improve the final specification and design.  The LIRR would also like recommendations or alternative approaches on how to improve quality of life issues that occur inside the elevator cab (e.g.-urination, graffiti, vandalism, etc.).

LIRR is interested in identifying potential contractors and improving its procurement process.  Therefore, even if you are not interested in submitting a letter, but are interested in future business opportunities with LIRR, please submit the reasons why your firm is not interested, or the reasons why you feel your firm would not be able to competitively propose for such a project.

This solicitation is for gathering information only and will not be used as the basis for the award of any contract.  The LIRR will not pay for the costs of responding to this solicitation, makes no promise or guaranty that any responder will be awarded a contract in the future, and reserves the right not to issue a contract for the interest described herein.  Technical suggestions will be used as information only and shall not be used as a proposal. Interested parties understand that they will not be entitled to any compensation for information or ideas which are included in the Information Letter submitted in response to the RFEI, including if LIRR incorporates such information or ideas in its design.  The fact that information or ideas of any responder are included in the design should not be construed as providing any responder with an unfair competitive advantage and will not entitle a responder to any greater consideration during the Request for Proposal solicitation process.


LIRR invites respondents to provide as their Expression of Interest Letter, at a minimum, information in the following areas:

Brief introduction of your company and description of the services provided by your company
Interest and experience performing this type of work
Typical duration of fabrication, delivery, installation and commissioning

  • Vendor’s standard and optional material and equipment used. 
  • Any additional information or alternative options that the respondent believes would best accomplish the goals set forth.

Interested Firms should submit their Response in a sealed envelope referencing Modular Elevators.  The package should include a hard copy and a thumb drive version of all information contained in the hard copy and addressed to the following recipient: Long Island Rail Road - Procurement & Logistics Department, JCC Building: 144-41 94th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11435. Attn: Daphne Pierre-Louis, Contract Specialist - Email:

All request for information, questions and clarifications must be sent via e-mail to , with a copy to (Jacqueline Waddell: 347-494-6562).  Faxed submissions are not acceptable. 

The No Interest Response Form – Attachment II, should be completed and returned, indicating all reasons for not responding to this RFEI.

The Long Island Rail Road may consider any submission not prepared in accordance with provisions therein, and reserves the right to waive any and all irregularities or to reject any and all submissions.

N/A 5.09.19 - 2PM 5.09.19 - 2PM N/A
GEC 2020 - 2024

Prequalification for General Engineering Consultant Services

The Long Island Railroad, The Metro-North Railroad, MTA Capital Construction, MTA Headquarters, and New York City Transit Authority, hereinafter referred to as the “Agency,” hereby solicits Statements of Qualifications for Architectural, Engineering, Construction Management, and various other professional consultant services for firms to prequalify to propose on various contracts in several types of services, i.e., Design, Construction Supervision & Inspection Services, and Miscellaneous Services, over a five (5) year period to support our Capital Program and Operational needs.

All Statements of Qualifications are to be delivered by June 6, 2019, 3PM, to the office of Long Island Railroad, 144-41 94th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Attention Gabriele Montero.

The 3 types of Services are further divided into the categories listed herewith:

A. Design and Engineering Services
Category 1: Line Structures
Category 2: Buildings, Passenger Station, Shops & Yards, and Parking Facilities
Category 3: Power
Category 4: Track
Category 5: Signals & Communications
Category 6: Rolling Stock
Category 7: Value Engineering
Category 8: Security Engineering
Category 9: Environmental Engineering
Category 10: Forensic Engineering / Laboratory Testing Services
Category 11: Soils / Foundation Engineering

B. Construction Supervision & Inspection Services
Category 1: Line Structures
Category 2: Buildings, Passenger Station, Shops & Yards, and Parking Facilities
Category 3: Power
Category 4: Track
Category 5: Signals & Communications
Category 6: Rolling Stock
Category 7: Environmental Engineering
Category 8: Occupational Hazard Mitigation and Elimination Related Services

C. Misc. Professional Services
Category 1: Scheduling
Category 2: Cost Estimating
Category 3: Claims Support
Category 4: Constructability
Category 5: Test and Evaluation
Category 6: Useful Life Analysis
Category 7: Design Reviews
Category 8: Technical Writer
Category 9: Quality Management
Category 10: Operational Studies & Simulation Models
Category 11: Occupational Safety and Health
Category 12: Program Management
Category 13: Risk Assessment Services

Minority Owned Sub-Contracting Goal: 0% for prequalification
Women Owned Sub-Contracting Goal: 0% for prequalification
Disadvantaged Owned Sub-Contracting Goal: 0% for prequalification
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Sub-Contracting Goal: 0% for

Contact Information:
Primary Contact:
Long Island Railroad
Department of Procurement & Logistics
Gabriele Montero
144-41 94th Avenue
3rd Floor
Jamaica, New York 11435
Phone: (718) 725-2643

The following supporting documents are available for download:
Request for Statement of Qualifications to Provide Services Under a General Engineering Consultant Contract 2020 - 2024
Description: 2020 – 2024 GEC prequalification for Long Island Railroad, MetroNorth, MTA Capital Construction, MTA Headquarters, and NYC Transit Authority

To download these documents, please visit the New York State Contract Reporter website:

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3:00 PM
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