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"Courtesy Matters" on the MTA LIRR
Effort Targets Major Customer Concerns: Rude Cell Phone and Seat Space Use

If you happen to be a bit too loud in your on-train cell phone use or are in the habit of taking up more than your fair share of seat(s) on a train, then please pay attention to the new MTA Long Island Rail Road campaign or please mention it to your train-riding colleagues. "Courtesy Matters," focuses on two areas, rude cell phone and seat space use, that have been the subject of LIRR customer complaints, areas that are within the control of customers themselves.

LIRR President Helena Williams said: "A number of customers, including the Long Island Rail Road Commuter's Council, have pointed to rude behavior from fellow riders as an issue they'd like LIRR management to address."She added, "We have kicked off this renewed customer courtesy campaign to remind our riders, during this holiday season, to do unto others as they would like to be treated themselves. Customers should be mindful of how their actions may impact others around them."

"Don't Be Cell-fish," (the slogan was suggested by a Malverne commuter), offers tips for cell phone courtesy. They include: keeping your call short and to the point - fellow customers may be trying to sleep or relax; moving to the vestibule of the train if you must engage in an extended phone conversation; use the silent or vibrating ringer options, refrain from accepting incoming calls when possible; use your phone's call ID or text messaging features to screen incoming calls; let your voice mail manage non-urgent calls.

"One Seat, No Feet!" addresses another customer concern - improper seat use by fellow passengers. The flyer and poster point out to customers that that everyone who paid a LIRR fare would like a seat so please refrain from placing your bags, briefcases or luggage on seats - use overhead racks instead - and please keep your feet off the seats.

The LIRR's "Courtesy Matters" campaign includes station posters/flyers which are available for viewing below in PDF format:

Courtesy Matters "Don't Be Cell-fish." Poster/Flyer
Courtesy Matters "One Seat, No Feet!" Poster/Flyer

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