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My MTA Alerts® Lets You Match Alerts to The Times You Travel!
The MTA’s Email & Text Alert subscription service, called My MTA Alerts®, has been upgraded to allow customers to choose narrower time-frames for receipt of messages. Email and text alerts have become a popular and useful tool for LIRR customers seeking information about service changes and delays of more than 10 minutes. Previously, customers had to sign up for service alerts in four-hour windows. Now, customers can choose 30-minute intervals based on when they travel. It is recommended that subscribers extend the time frame to shortly before and after their normal travel times to ensure receipt of all necessary notifications. In addition, LIRR subscribers can now opt in or out of elevator status notifications. Go to to sign up or update your account information.

Weekend Trackwork Continues…

Pick up a special weekend timetable or check our web site for details before traveling on these weekends. Here’s a preview of what to expect:

October 29-30

November 5-6

November 12-13

New Timetables Take Effect November 14

In an effort to improve the operational performance of the 5:39 AM Peak train from Montauk, two other AM Peak trains will depart earlier starting Monday, November 14. Look for the following morning rush-hour changes on the Montauk and Babylon branches:

We’re leaf-watching…

…but not because of the changing colors. For railroads throughout the Northeast, falling autumn leaves result in slippery rail conditions. When leaves drop onto our tracks and get crushed by train wheels, they deposit a slimy substance called “pectin” that causes train wheels to slip when accelerating and slide when braking. If left untended, this can result in delays, flattened train wheels and shorter trains when cars have to be removed from service for wheel repairs. To combat slippery rail conditions, the LIRR spreads sandite (a sand mixture) on our tracks at key locations. In addition, a special rail “brush” car sweeps pectin off the tracks and another washes it away with high-pressure water jets. We’re keeping computerized records of all the slippery spots reported by our train crews, so that we can target problem areas. At times, however, we may need to operate trains more slowly as a safety precaution. We ask for your patience during those times.

The LIRR Remembers Veteran’s Day
On Saturday, November 5, the LIRR will offer a special rail-bus package ticket that affords customers the opportunity to honor their loved ones at Calverton National Cemetery. The package includes Round-Trip rail and bus transportation to the cemetery. For complete information on this special One-Day Getaway please visit our web site or call our Group Travel Office at 511 or 718-558-7419. On Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 11, LIRR trains will operate on a regular weekday schedule. However, Reduced Fare-tickets for Seniors age 65+ and the disabled will be accepted on AM Peak as well as evening rush-hour trains.

Suffolk County Marathon
The 2nd Annual Suffolk County Marathon (and half-marathon) will take place on Sunday, October 30. The race will begin in Patchogue at 7 AM. Following the marathon, the FreedomFest: Taste of Long Island Festival will take place in the heart of downtown Patchogue. The event will feature live musical entertainment and will highlight local craft breweries, award-winning wines, and local food/produce. Family- friendly activities will be available, including free pumpkins for kids. To learn more about both events, link to:

Safety Reminder
Stay safe: Avoid distractions. Stop texting when boarding and exiting trains. In addition, you can help avoid slips, trips and falls by practicing “defensive walking” to protect yourself against others who may be distracted.
Courtesy Counts
Be someone who makes it a better ride for everyone: Take your coffee cups and litter with you when you leave the train.
September OTP
Overall on-time performance for September 2016 was 94.4%.
Monthly OTP
Babylon 97.3% 90.5% 93.4% 93.6% 91.3%
Far Rockaway 96.1% 97.4% 98.2% 97.8% 95.4%
Hicksville/Huntington 94.6% 88.8% 95.1% 94.2% 86.0%
Hempstead 99.0% 95.2% 96.7% 96.8% 94.6%
Long Beach 97.2% 91.3% 94.8% 94.7% 91.8%
Montauk 91.1% 93.0% 93.5% 93.1% 89.8%
Oyster Bay 98.0% 92.1% 97.7% 97.0% 90.0%
Port Jefferson 93.5% 92.5% 92.8% 92.9% 82.4%
Port Washington 97.6% 84.7% 93.5% 92.8% 90.9%
Greenport/Ronkonkoma 93.9% 88.9% 92.7% 92.4% 86.8%
West Hempstead 99.0% 91.3% 99.1% 97.9% 95.3%
TOTAL 96.2% 90.5% 94.7% 94.4% 90.4%


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