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Penn Station Enhancements: Long Island Rail Road Train Hall Renovation
New 33rd Street Corridor Project Underway

Monday, June 17, marked the start of a major renovation effort to transform the customer experience at Penn Station. The project will focus on improving access via the 33rd Street Corridor and 7th Avenue entrance, and includes a dramatic new entrance pavilion that will introduce natural light into the station environment, new escalators from street-level, a widened corridor, higher ceilings, new wayfinding signage, new information systems and many other amenities.  

The first stage of construction will mainly affect the LIRR Ticket Office area, resulting in the following changes:

To accommodate customers, ticket agents equipped with hand-held ticket-selling devices will be deployed on high-volume ticket-purchasing days, and digital train and track information displays will be placed in key locations.

Travel Tips:

Later phases of this project will require the temporary relocation of ticket windows and other changes. Stay tuned for updates as work progresses.

For more information, click here or contact the LIRR’s Customer Service Center by calling 511 or 718-217-LIRR (718-217-5477). Automated schedule information is available 24/7. Agents are available to assist customers daily from 6 AM until 10 PM. To speak with an LIRR employee, say the word “Representative” when the prompts begin. For additional details on this and other projects, visit

Amtrak State of Good Repair Resumes in Penn Station
LIRR to Change Service Levels from July 1 to September 2

Beginning Monday, July 1, as Amtrak resumes its work at Penn Station on a complex of switches known as “JO Interlocking,” the LIRR's use of available track space in Penn Station will again be limited, as it was from January through May 19.

Due to Amtrak’s repair work, the LIRR will divert or cancel seven of 144 morning rush trains and seven of 130 evening rush trains starting Monday, July 1, and continuing through Friday, August 30. Five trains are being added on the fringes of both AM and PM Peak periods to provide affected customers with alternative options. The LIRR is lengthening key trains to ensure that the overall seating capacity into Penn Station is in line with current capacity.

Four morning Peak trains to Penn Station will be diverted to Atlantic Terminal; one morning Peak train to Penn Station will terminate in Jamaica, and two trains will not operate. In the evening rush, two trains will originate at Atlantic Terminal instead of Penn Station; two trains will originate at Jamaica instead of Penn Station; and three trains will not operate.

In both the morning and evening rush hours, stops will be added to trains as necessary to preserve service opportunities from diverted or cancelled trains.

To help offset these changes and maintain maximum capacity, two trains will be added to Penn Station in the early AM rush, and three trains will be added in the early afternoon from Penn Station. Affected trains include:

Babylon Branch

Far Rockaway Branch

Hempstead Branch

Long Beach Branch

Montauk Branch

Ronkonkoma Branch

LIRR staff will remain in close communication with Amtrak as it continues its State of Good Repair work to ensure that impacts to LIRR customers remain as minimal as possible.

Please check out the special Amtrak SOGR timetable for your Branch, effective July 1-12, and the new regular Branch Timetables dated July 15-September 2, available online here and available soon in print at stations systemwide.

Lengthened Trains
To help plan your commute, please see the list below for select trains with added cars:

AM Peak (Westbound Trains)

PM Peak (Eastbound Trains)

Upcoming Track Work and Events
Weekend of June 29 & 30: Port Jefferson and Ronkonkoma Branch Service Changes
A combination of track work in the vicinity of Hicksville and a track-testing program between Huntington and Port Jefferson will affect service as follows:

Huntington/Port Jefferson Branch:

Ronkonkoma Branch:

For more information, see special timetables here.

Independence Day
On Wednesday, July 3, the LIRR will provide extra afternoon service from Penn Station for customers looking for an early start to the Independence Day holiday:

Montauk Branch

Port Jefferson Branch

Babylon Branch

Port Washington Branch

Far Rockaway Branch

On July 4, Independence Day, trains will operate on a weekend/holiday schedule. On July 5, the LIRR will operate on a weekday schedule.

Weekends of July 6-7 & July 13-14:  Switch Replacement to Affect Port Jefferson Branch Service
Switch replacement and modernization in the vicinity of Syosset Station will require reducing service from half-hourly to hourly at Huntington, Cold Spring Harbor and Syosset, and from 90 minutes to every two hours east of Huntington. Service at Hicksville will continue to operate on a half-hourly basis. Special timetables will be available soon online and at stations and terminals.   

Weeknights, July 9-11:  Buses Replace Trains Between Patchogue and Montauk
To accommodate a track-testing program to ensure rail safety, buses will replace late-night/overnight train service between Patchogue and Montauk from Tuesday night through early Wednesday morning (July 9-10), and again from Wednesday night through early Thursday morning (July 10-11). Special timetables will be available soon online and at stations and terminals.

Weekend of July 20-21: Urban Avenue Grade Crossing Elimination  - No Train Service Between Hicksville & Mineola
The Urban Avenue grade crossing in Westbury is one of eight grade crossings along the LIRR Main Line being eliminated as part of the LIRR Expansion Project. The grade crossing will be replaced with a newly constructed bridge that will hold three tracks, and a two-lane underpass for vehicular traffic that also includes a pedestrian sidewalk.

The addition of a third track will enable increased service capacity along our busy Main Line Corridor, and the elimination of the grade crossing will bring immediate benefits in terms of improved service reliability; a safer and uninterrupted flow of traffic; and reduced noise from train horns.

Special weekend timetables will be in effect for ALL branches on Saturday and Sunday, July 20-21. To avoid delays and transfers, we encourage customers to use south shore branches that weekend. Service changes will be similar to those in effect during the Cherry Lane Bridge Installation project that took place on June 1-2, 2019. Stay tuned for details.

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Your Voice Counts
Positive feedback from our customers is always appreciated and continues to arrive via e-mail, mail and social media. Here are a few June commendations:

@LIRR I gotta give props to Tom Conductor 1224!  He was really helpful in getting me to the front two cars on the Ronkonkoma train to get off at Pinelawn.  I was in the two rear cars.  He had no problem helping me get there, he was very professional and chill.  Thank you, LIRR.  Spencer via Twitter.

Appreciate all the friendly and knowledgeable @LIRR employees on Track 19 for the Cannonball today.  It’s a tough job and requires a good attitude and a lot of patience.  Also, megaphones were a good idea.  – Armenoush via Twitter.

Hey @LIRR going to say something you probably don’t see a lot of.  I truly have to thank the crew of the 4:03 to Babylon for helping me get my cell phone back.  Above and beyond extremely grateful!  Thank you.  – Mgern via Twitter.

I have been riding the LIRR continuously for the past 48 years, and appreciate your efforts in getting me to work on time.  I buy monthlies, and my usual commute is between Westbury and Penn Station.

During the past 5+ years Irene has often been the conductor on my morning commute to New York City.  She is always friendly, polite, and competent, and starts my day off with a smile.  We are on a first-name basis.  I am not the only passenger she is so nice to – this is how she treats everybody.

In addition, last week Irene went way above and beyond the call of duty, prompting me to write this letter.  I accidentally dropped my monthly ticket on the train floor, and left the train unaware that I had done so.  Irene found my monthly and seeing that my unusual first name matched the name on the monthly ticket, went looking for me on the LIRR’s main floor.  Incredibly, she found me and presented me with my lost ticket.  Was I ever surprised and appreciative!

Irene does her job as an LIRR conductor as well as anybody does his or her job in any field.  She is a pleasure to deal with.  In short, she does the LIRR proud.  – Myron via letter.

I am a senior citizen living in Levittown, NY.  My granddaughter graduated from PIT with the ceremony being held at Radio City; obviously a difficult trip for me in a wheelchair.  The conductors could not have been more helpful.  They provided a ramp to get the chair on the train making me feel very comfortable.  For the return trip, we told them our return train (6:30 PM).  They were waiting for us.  Tony escorted us to the elevator, and onto Track 19 for boarding.  The conductor on the train asked where we get off (Wantagh).  She had the ramp waiting for us.  I am sorry I did not get her name.  I must compliment your employees and thank you for the great service.  I will not hesitate to ride the LIRR in the future.  Thank you again.  – Mrs. F from Levittown via Comment Card.

I rode the train both ways from Jamaica to Belmont.  There was a young woman as my conductor.  She was so nice and professional.  I had to run and make the return train and she made sure I made it.  Total experience was as good as it gets.  She is a real credit to LIRR.  – Steven, Temple City, CA, via Comment Card.

I felt joyful upon entering the Merrick Waiting Room as my eyes saw amazing artistic beauty.  The color, photos and best of all, the tile picture designs made my heart soar.  When I take the train, I will be drawn to wait there, instead of the train platform.  The only thing missing is classical music in the background.  – Janis from East Meadow via Comment Card.

Safety Reminder
Watch The Gap 

Keep alert. Step over the gap, not in it, as you board and exit the train.

Courtesy Counts

LIRR Throwback Photo
Click here to download full size

LIRR Train Cars 1870-1880

May 2019 OTP
Overall on-time performance for May 2019 was 94.8%.

Monthly OTP
Babylon 97.9% 92.0% 96.0% 95.8% 92.6%
Far Rockaway 96.1% 98.5% 97.3% 97.3% 94.3%
Hicksville/Huntington 97.6% 84.4% 95.7% 94.6% 90.6%
Hempstead 96.8% 88.4% 94.7% 94.3% 94.2%
Long Beach 95.5% 95.5% 95.8% 95.7% 94.1%
Montauk 96.6% 90.1% 89.6% 90.5% 91.4%
Oyster Bay 99.4% 90.9% 96.0% 95.9% 89.6%
Port Jefferson 93.8% 83.1% 90.8% 90.2% 89.8%
Port Washington 96.7% 92.6% 95.2% 95.0% 93.5%
Greenport/Ronkonkoma 93.5% 89.7% 95.7% 94.5% 88.7%
West Hempstead 93.6% 96.2% 98.8% 97.7% 95.9%
TOTAL 96.4% 91.1% 95.2% 94.8% 92.3%

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