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Traveling This Holiday? LIRR Provides Extra Trains
Whether heading out early for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, or celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York City, the LIRR has got you covered with extra service.

On the afternoon of December 24, Christmas Eve, we will be adding 13 extra eastbound trains on the Babylon, Far Rockaway, Port Jefferson, Port Washington and Ronkonkoma Branches to help you get your jolly on early.  Click here for details.

On the afternoon of December 31, New Year’s Eve, we will again add 13 extra eastbound trains on five branches for those traveling to points east.  

In addition, we will add 21 westbound trains on the evening of December 31, for those attending New Year’s revelries in Times Square and around NYC. After the ball drops, we will be offering 19 additional eastbound trains (with service from Penn Station and Atlantic Terminal) for the ride home.

Click here for details.

New Timetables: Beginning January 6, 2020
On Monday, January 6, new timetables will take effect for all LIRR branches. Some AM and PM Peak train service will be modified as Amtrak, which owns and operates Penn Station, takes tracks out of service to perform the next phase of their critical repairs. Work will primarily focus on Track 14. The resulting reduction in Penn Station capacity will impact select rush-hour trains through Friday, March 6. The LIRR will be adding extra trains at the beginning and ends of the peak periods to offset these changes, while lengthening select trains to ensure capacity needs are met. Details here:

To reduce the impact of these changes, the LIRR is implementing the following measures:

Click here to learn more.


Nassau Switch Installation to Improve Your Commute: Some Saturday Service Affected
Special weekend timetables will be in effect for all LIRR branches on five Saturdays – January 4, 11, 18 and February 1, 8 – as the LIRR continues work on the installation of a new switch at Nassau Interlocking, just west of Mineola Station, as part of the LIRR Expansion Project.

There will be NO TRAIN SERVICE between Hicksville and New Hyde Park, with major service changes in effect on the Oyster Bay, Port Jefferson and Ronkonkoma branches. As an alternative, customers should consider taking the Babylon, Hempstead, Montauk or Port Washington branches on these Saturdays. Regular service will resume each weekend on Sundays (January 5, 12, 19 and February 2, 9).

The LIRR Expansion Project will add a third track along nearly 10 miles of right-of-way between Floral Park and Hicksville, increasing capacity, improving reliability and creating new service opportunities. Visit to learn more. Thank you for your patience while this transformative work is underway to better improve LIRR service and your commute.

Click here to learn more.  

Know Before You Go: The LIRR is at the Ready
Severe winter weather can create hazardous travel conditions throughout our region. It can also hamper our ability to provide you with regular train service. We prepare extensively in advance of winter storms in order to minimize their impact on service, and we work vigorously to restore service as quickly as possible whenever it must be suspended. Click here to learn more about our preparation, response and recovery efforts.

LIRR Ticket Machines Upgrade
To better ensure the integrity of ticket transactions, LIRR Ticket Machines have had their chip-reading function enabled. If purchasing tickets with a chip card, please follow the instructions on the screen and pin pad and keep your card inserted until the chip is read. LIRR tickets can also be purchased at staffed Ticket Windows and via MTA eTix, our mobile ticketing app. Click here to learn more.

New LIRR Laser Technology Crushes Low Adhesion Season
This fall, the LIRR was 'laser-focused' on combating the effects of low-adhesion season, which included the launch of a laser train to clean the rails of residue from crushed leaves. The LIRR is the first railroad in the industry to test and successfully implement this technology.

We also closely reviewed our operations to improve efficiency, and through a combination of better management and embracing thinking-outside-the-box solutions, we were able to accomplish the following:

The effectiveness of our efforts was reflected in our on-time performance for November 2019, which climbed 3.8% compared to November 2018. We hope that this approach translated into a more reliable and comfortable commute for you.  We will continue to seek ways to improve and innovate our service.

LIRR Works with ADA Community for an Improved Customer Experience for all
Last year, we expanded our ADA Task Force to include more community voices and to work together to improve the customer experience on the LIRR.  We are also proud to report that we are closing out this year on a high note with over 4,200 assists provided under our LIRR Care program that offers assistance to those needing help navigating our system.  There were nearly 700 requests in the month of December alone!

Your Voice Counts: Feedback From Across the System
Feedback from our customers, both constructive and positive, helps us know what we’re doing right and also what areas we can improve to serve you better. Comments continue to arrive each day via e-mail, regular mail, and social media – and we’re happy to highlight the positive interactions between customers and our dedicated staff, like those below:

@LIRR LIRR Heros! Working on the TVMs at Rosedale.  Unsung heroes that enable a smooth commute & ticket purchasing experience.
– Tina
via Twitter

@LIRR I just wanted to let you know about one of your conductor’s kindness at the Babylon train station.  I saw him help escort an elderly man from the train all the way to the taxi area, his badge number was 1478 #Kudos – Matthew via Twitter

I’m thankful this holiday for the great people @LIRR who went to great lengths to return my backpack to me.   I left it on the train after I arrived at Penn Station last weekend.  Everyone I shared the story with told me “you’ll never get it back.” I never gave up hope. Mark via Twitter

@LIRR currently on the M-9 on the 6:21 PM Ronkonkoma line.  Beautiful!  Amazing! Exquisite! I hope the people eating Chipotle don’t ruin it! Anthony via Twitter

On 12/9/19, the 6:01 PM train from Penn to Hicksville got stuck in the tunnel due to downed wires.  Not only were we told what was going on (a nice change), but our connection to the Pt. Jeff train was held in Hicksville to wait for us (shocking!).  We would have been stuck on the platform in Hicksville the better part of an hour if the connection hadn't been held for us.  I know from years of experience that the connection is not normally held for us.  This was a very nice change.  Thank you! – Carol, via E-mail

Both my LIRR journeys were as a tourist, between LIC and Jamaica, to connect with JFK. The conductors were so helpful. They spotted my bags, helped me get to the right car, and for departure to Jamaica gave me advice about leaving the train and where to go for an elevator. – Paul, via E-mail

I called customer services for assistance with a missing receipt I needed for work.  I was called back within 30 minutes of placing my message by a delightful man, Gerry. He helped resolve my request and was a pleasure to work with.  Thank you! – Marie, Via E-mail

I just want to thank LIRR conductor John M. for making my life much easier due to his quick wits and kindness.  I left a bag on the LIRR and he made sure it got back to me and definitely saved my day (and week, and month).  It's always really great to find help in our big city and crowded island and I really appreciate that he went above and beyond to help me.  – Darci, Via E-mail

Want to thank Jackie working at Ronkonkoma Station ticket office the night of 11/2/19. Jackie went above and beyond to help track down a lost item of luggage with wedding attire for a following day’s wedding. She took it upon herself to call the Jamaica Station and help coordinate pickup of the bag the same night! Thank you Jackie for the excellent customer service! Jordan, Via E-mail

Safety Reminder
It’s slippery outside, so please be careful. Never run on the station platform, especially when the temperature drops below freezing. Allow a few extra minutes to get to the station. Also, please watch your step on staircases and when entering and exiting trains. Your safety is important to us!

Courtesy Counts
Taking the LIRR to do your holiday shopping? Spread holiday cheer by being kind to your fellow passengers and store your packages securely in the overhead racks on our trains. Bags in aisles cause tripping hazards, and bags on seats mean someone else can’t sit down.

LIRR in History: LIRR Snow-Removal Efforts
Click to download full size

Jaws, one of the LIRR’s most striking snowplows, was constructed from a combination of 3 cars which resulted in a “V”- shaped snowplow.  The “V” part of the plow dates back to a Russell snowplow that was built in the 1880’s when the metal plow portion was saved.  In the late 1920’s a flatcar was added as the base and a caboose from the 1960’s was added as the cabin.  The then LIRR president allowed employees to paint and leave teeth on the plow. The teeth and the nickname “Jaws” have remained on the plow ever since.  Jaws fought many a storm on the LIRR through the 1980’s and was later retired to the Greenport Freight House where it can be seen today.

On-Time Performance Rises
Overall on-time performance for November 2019 was 90.7%, a 3.8 percentage point increase over November 2018! Year-to-date, the number of LIRR’s trains running on time has also increased 2.2 percentage points over 2018. The entire LIRR workforce is striving each day to improve these numbers to ensure reliable and timely commutes.

Monthly OTP
Babylon 88.0% 92.1% 91.7% 91.1% 84.4%
Far Rockaway 92.7% 97.2% 96.0% 95.7% 91.2%
Hicksville/Huntington 87.3% 85.4% 86.9% 86.8% 85.3%
Hempstead 88.0% 88.9% 91.0% 90.4% 90.2%
Long Beach 91.2% 92.3% 93.8% 93.2% 88.9%
Montauk 83.8% 88.4% 88.0% 87.5% 85.8%
Oyster Bay 88.6% 92.5% 93.2% 92.4% 83.3%
Port Jefferson 82.5% 83.6% 81.2% 81.7% 80.0%
Port Washington 94.2% 93.4% 94.6% 94.4% 88.9%
Greenport/Ronkonkoma 82.4% 91.7% 89.5% 88.6% 86.7%
West Hempstead 86.0% 96.7% 95.2% 94.2% 90.5%
TOTAL 88.0% 91.2% 91.2% 90.7% 86.9%

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