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MTA Licensing Program

Style Guidelines

The MTA Officially Licensed Signature.

The MTA Officially Licensed Signature is illustrated here in positive and reverse.

Note that because of the way the eye views negative and positive space, the artwork for the positive and reverse symbol is drawn differently. Always use the appropriate version of artwork as provided by the MTA.

Signature Placement.

The Signature must be placed visibly and permanently on the licensed article in a manner approved by the MTA, as well as on any packaging and hang tag or decal. Any exceptions to the "rule of permanence" shall still require placement of the signature on packaging and hang tags or decals.

Do not attempt to construct this Signature. Simply click on the images to download these scaleable .eps files

Licensees who attempt to construct the Signature themselves have often produced these incorrect results.

Improper use of signature.

Never attempt to add color to symbol interior different from background color, causing the "M" to appear completed in any way, such as in the three examples illustrated here: as an arc, a straight line, or a fully drawn "M."

Never print any signature in more than one color.

Never change spacing of the elements.


Following are examples of approved MTA Officially Licensed Hang Tags available for your use.

These are available for high-resolution jpeg download by clicking on the images below.

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