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Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal stands today as one of New York City's most famous landmarks - from its marble halls to its priceless clock that serves as a favorite meeting place for both New Yorkers and visitors from around the world... from its singular facade adorned with the Roman god, Mercury, to the evocative view of the stars on its massive interior vault.

Yes, it's beautiful. And yes, it's historic. But more than a landmark, Grand Central Terminal serves as the irreplaceable heart of New York's integrated (and integral) transportation system - the thing that keeps the city itself running. Every day 750,000 people pass through its storied hallways. It is a living, breathing monument to public transportation. A testament to the fact that bold ideas, when executed with vigor and precision, can remain as vital and important as they were 100 years ago.

February 2013 marks the Centennial of Grand Central Terminal, but the celebration will start in 2012 and continue through 2013. Events, galas, exhibitions, and retail fairs will drive awareness of the Centennial, expanding the already established market for GCT-themed products.

We invite you to explore the rich history and artwork available for product development.

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