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Welcome to the MTA Licensing Program

The MTA network of subways, buses, commuter rail lines, bridges, and tunnels has served New York for more than 100 years. Central to life in the region, the transit system serves over 8 million residents daily and provides 1.3 billion rides yearly, including 40 million foreign and domestic tourists.

The MTA Licensing Program encourages manufacturers to produce and market products that make creative use of MTA intellectual property. MTA Officially Licensed products are unique extensions of the MTA brand. The historic icons of the brand — from Grand Central Terminal to the many incarnations of the subway token — are recognized and loved the world over. The scope of the brand's imagery is also immense — a broad spectrum that includes mosaic station décor, the archival images of the New York Transit Museum, and the architectural splendor of Grand Central's Sky Ceiling.

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Have a unique product idea? Contact the MTA's exclusive licensing agent:

Moxie & Company

993 Post Road, East Westport, CT 06880

Phone: 203-259-2729 Fax:203-259-2470

Arlene Scanlan ascanlan@moxieco.com

Laura Becker lbecker@moxieco.com

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