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MTA Colors

Click here for Line/Branch Color list saved as a .csv file.

Note that use of MTA logos, maps, and symbols requires a license. For licensing information, click here, or contact Mark Heavey.

Official MTA Logo

Official MTA Logo
Pantone 286
c100 m56

NYC Subway Lines

A subwayC subwayE subway
Pantone 286
c100 m56
B subwayD subwayF subwayM subway
Pantone 165
m60 y100
G subway
Pantone 376
c56 y100
J subwayZ subway
Pantone 154
m43 y100 k34
L subway
50% Black
N subwayQ subwayR subway
Pantone 116
m15 y94
S subway
70% Black
1 subway2 subway3 subway
Pantone 185
m91 y76
4 subway5 subway6 subway
Pantone 355
c100 y91 6k
7 subway
Pantone Purple
c43 m91

Long Island Rail Road Branches

Babylon Branch
Pantone 340
c100 m11 y83 k1
Belmont Branch
Pantone 267
CMYK 77/97/0/0
City Terminal Zone
Pantone 445
c69 m56 y53 k31
Far Rockaway Branch
Pantone 168
c35 m80 y96 k43
Hempstead Branch
Pantone 131
c17 m46 y100 k2
Long Beach Branch
Pantone 165
m75 y96
Montauk Branch
Pantone 326
c100 m0 y5 k30
Oyster Bay Branch
Pantone 354
c95 y100
Port Jefferson Branch
Pantone 300
c100 m56 y0 k3
Port Washington Branch
Pantone 186
c13 m100 y90 k4
Ronkonkoma Branch
Pantone 253
c41 m92
West Hempstead Branch
Pantone 299
c84 m17

Metro-North Railroad Lines

Harlem Line
Pantone 286
c100 m56
Hudson Line
Pantone 355
c100 y91 k6
New Haven Line
Pantone 185
m91 y76
Pascack Valley Line
Pantone 513
c49 m91
Port Jervis Line
Pantone 151
m65 y100

Bridges & Tunnels

E-ZPass logo
Pantone 259
c67 m100 y17 k4
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