Capital Plan 2015 - 2019 ($ in Thousands)
  Report Glossary...InfoColumn GlossaryBudget Submission: This column lists the approval date of the Board or CPRB approved Capital Plan Amendment from which the schedule data is taken.

Description: This is the descriptive project title for each project.

Change Narrative: This is an explanation of any changes to the budget, scope, or schedule of a project that may have occurred between Capital Plans, or between the latest Capital Plan budget and the current budget. If there are no changes, this column will be blank.

Plan Year Allocations: The Plan Year allocation is defined as a series of monetary commitments the MTA plans to make in various years in order to implement a project.

Out Years Allocation: This is the budget allocation for project commitments the MTA plans to make after the fifth year of an MTA Capital Plan.

Total Allocation: This is the sum of the budgetary commitments that the MTA plans to make in order to fully implement a project.