Project Group Description Budget as of Jun. 2013 Current Budget
Change Narrative
Project-Wide Costs: Design and Engineering Services Environmental review and project design (PE and Final Design), consultant construction management, public art, equipment purchases, and project coordination transfer payments. $311 $328 Support costs have increased to support completion milestones.
Project-Wide Costs: Real Estate Real estate-related costs. $221 $221  
Project Reserve Overall Project contingency reserve $37 $3 Project reserve was used for projectwide costs and additional funding required for the balance of work.
2/3 Station Rehabilitation and 4/5 Stairs Rehabilitation of the 2/3 Fulton Street Station and construction of new entrances to the 4/5 Fulton Street Station at the southern end of both the uptown and downtown platforms. $49 $49  
Dey St Concourse Structural Box Construction of the structural box under Dey Street for the concourse that will connect the new Transit Center building on Broadway to the World Trade Center complex west of Church Street. The scope of work included underpasses under the R Line at Cortlandt Street and the 4/5 Line at Broadway. $162 $162  
Transit Center Deconstruction and Foundation Deconstruction of the buildings on the Transit Center Building site and construction of the foundation of the Building $98 $98  
Balance of Work: Transit Center Building; A/C Mezzanine Reconfiguration; Finishes, including Dey St Concourse, Dey St Headhouse, and 4/5 Station Rehabilitation; Corbin Restoration; Cortlandt Improvements Construction of Transit Center Building (including oculus and retail space), reconfiguration of A/C Mezzanine, finishes for Dey St Concourse and underpasses, finishes for Dey St Headhouse, rehab of 4/5 Fulton St Station, restoration of Corbin Building, improvements at R Cortlandt St Station, and connection of R and E Lines at Cortlandt. $521 $539 Transfer in of project reserve to individual construction contract contingency and enhancement work.
Total Budget   $1,400 $1,400  
Fulton Center Opening   ¬†June 2014 Nov. 2014 Fulton Center opened to the public in November 2014