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As part of Phase 1 of the Second Avenue Subway (SAS) project, MTA Capital Construction (MTACC) is committed to returning and restoring the Second Avenue construction corridor back to the community. Coordination efforts between MTACC and the Departments of Transportation (DOT) and Parks & Recreation (Parks) have produced a fully redesigned streetscape plan that goes beyond areas impacted by construction and covers the full length of the project corridor from 65th to 105th Streets, providing a consistent and new look for the entire construction corridor. 

The corresponding block layouts contain the design plans for Second Avenue street and sidewalk restoration. The plans show the location of bus stops, trees, city lights, bike and bus lanes, as well as the location of entrances and ancillary structures for the Second Avenue Subway.

Not shown are the locations of benches and bike racks, as these will be determined by a DOT field survey after construction is complete and all SAS work zones have been removed.

Title- Second Ave Street Restoration

Second Avenue grid
Click on one of the blocks to the left to find more on restoration plans for your area.
Second Avenue Subway Logo
102 to 105 street 98 to 101 Street 96 St Station 87 to 92 Street 86 St Station 73 to 77 Street 72 St Station 64 to 69 Street
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