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Supplemental Environmental Assessment to the Second Avenue Subway Final Environmental Impact Statement: 72nd and 86th Street Station Entrance Alternatives

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72nd Street and 86th Street Station Entrances Finding of No Significant Impact issued by the Federal Transit Administration - October 29, 2009


Executive Summary

1: Purpose and Need

2: Entrance Alternatives

3: Construction Activities

4: Environmental Screening Analysis

5: Transportation

6: Social and Economic Conditions

7: Displacement and Relocation

8: Historic Resources

9: Archaeological Resources

10: Air Quality

11: Noise and Vibration

12: Recommendation of the Preferred Alternative

13: Public Outreach and Review Process

14: List of Preparers

Section 4(f) and Section 6(f) Evaluation

Appendix A: Alternatives Considered but Eliminated

Appendix B: Transportation

Appendix C: Historic Resources

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