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Monday - Wednesday: 10AM - 6PM
Thursday: 11AM - 7PM
Friday: 9AM - 5PM
Closed most public holidays

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By Train:

4 Subway Line 5 Subway Line 6 Subway Line to 125 Street at Lexington Av

to Harlem 125 Street at Park Av

By Bus:

M1, M35, M60-SBS, M98, M100, M101, BX15

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Second Avenue Subway Community Information Center

The Second Avenue Subway Community Information Center (CIC) at 69 East 125th Street (between Park & Madison Avenues) mirrors the highly successful CIC opened during Phase 1 which welcomed over 25,000 visitors. Like its processor, the Phase 2 CIC offers rotating exhibits and programming about the history and construction of the Second Avenue Subway. The center serves as a one-stop shop where Second Avenue residents, businesses, stakeholders and the general public can ask questions, learn more about the Second Avenue Subway construction project, and bring issues of concern to the project staff.

Come experience the CIC's interactive and wall exhibits featuring maps, photographs, and video footage about the history, engineering, design, and construction of Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway; Drive the Phase 1 route from 96th Street to Lexington Av/63rd St with our Second Avenue Subway simulator kiosk; or just stop in to get your questions answered.

New Exhibit Opens at CIC

MTA Capital Construction has installed a new exhibit at the CIC entitled Building the Second Avenue Subway for East Harlem. Outlining the path ahead for the community and general public, the exhibit shows the benefits of the project, the construction process that MTACC will use to build SAS Phase 2, and how we will provide information about it to the public. The exhibit includes wall displays and an interactive multimedia touch-screen with in-depth videos that bring to life the history of the subway line and how the Q-line extension will open up travel possibilities for people in the neighborhood.

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