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    Penn Station Access Facts

    Penn Station Access will create a new Metro-North Railroad link directly into Penn Station, providing critical system resiliency to protect service for more than 275,000 daily customers. The project will build four new Metro-North stations in the Bronx. This additional service will:

    • Substantially reduce travel times to and from Manhattan’s West Side
    • Introduce convenient, direct rail service to communities underserved by mass transit
    • Support economic development in the East Bronx
    • Improve mobility and regional connectivity
    M8 Train Sound

    The Penn Station Access Project will provide a direct one-seat ride into Penn Station for Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line riders. Trains heading to Penn Station will leave the New Haven Line just west of New Rochelle and travel through the Eastern Bronx and Queens via Amtrak’s Hell Gate Line. The trains will continue through the existing East River Tunnels, joining Long Island Rail Road trains heading into Penn Station.

    Four new ADA-accessible Metro-North stations will be constructed in the Eastern Bronx at Hunts Point, Parkchester/Van Nest, Morris Park and Co-op City. Metro-North service to Penn Station will begin after completion of the East River Tunnel rehabilitation and MTA’s East Side Access Project which will provide direct LIRR service to Grand Central Terminal, making slots available at Penn Station for Metro-North trains. The project is intended to:

    • Substantially reduce travel times between Manhattan’s West Side and the East Bronx, Westchester County and southern Connecticut
    • Provide a one-seat train ride from New Haven Line communities to jobs, shopping, and other destinations on Manhattan’s West Side
    • Improve regional transportation service by providing direct connections at Penn Station between the New York metropolitan region’s rail carriers—Metro-North, LIRR, New Jersey Transit, and Amtrak
    • Modify existing infrastructure to provide new service cost-effectively and with minimal impacts on surrounding communities
    • Promote the economic and environmental health and vitality of the New York metropolitan region

    Benefits of Expanded Service

    Adding Metro-North stations in the Bronx would:

    • Introduce convenient, direct rail service to communities currently underserved by mass transit
    • Provide benefits to East Bronx residents and employers by:
      • introducing a convenient one-seat ride between the East Bronx and Manhattan’s West Side;
      • introducing direct rail service from East Bronx communities to suburban employment centers in Westchester and Connecticut, substantially reducing travel times;
      • introducing direct rail service to East Bronx employers from communities along the New Haven Line in Westchester and Connecticut;
      • supporting economic development in the East Bronx.

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