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Engineers, architects, construction managers and laborers have been working hard to bring this massive infrastructure project to fruition. Images of the project are presented here through weekly construction progress photos, videos and project renderings.

Any use of MTA material, including reproduction of photos or renderings, requires written permission from MTA.

Photos: © Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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Construction Progress

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  • 86th Cavern Arch Form Work
  • <86th Street Waterproofing Work
  • 72th Street Arch Form Removal
  • 72nd Street Mezzanine Construction

Project Renderings

  • 63rd Street Mezzanine 63rd Street Mezzanine
  • 72nd Steet Platform 72nd Steet Platform
  • <86th Street Station 86th Street Station
  • 96th Street Station Entrance 96th Street Station Entrance

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