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    • Fulton Center, located at the crossroads of Lower Manhattan on Broadway between John and Fulton Streets is a fully digital and accessible transit and retail hub showcasing architectural ingenuity that fuses history, art, and sustainable engineering. Fulton Center exterior
    • <Situated in the heart of Lower Manhattan, the MTA’s Fulton Center is a dynamic transportation hub that was designed as a demonstration of an environmentally responsible 21st century rail transit center. Fulton Center door
    • <Fulton Center improves the commuter experience by providing seamless transfers for up to 300,000 daily passengers Fulton Center turnstyles
    • The Fulton Center features open direct paths, widened corridors, and new mezzanines to separate entering, exiting, and transferring customers. The Fulton Center is home to over 65,000 square feet of new retail and commercial space Fulton Center interior
    • The 8,500-square foot Sky Reflector-Net system features 952 uniquely shaped reflective panels that will help re-distribute natural light. Fulton Center Sky Reflector
    • Harnessing light from the sun, the Fulton Center’s Sky Reflector Net will create visual movement within the state-of-the-art transit hub changing daily and seasonally as the sun arcs across lower Manhattan. Fulton Center exterior

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