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    Vision Gallery

    Engineers, architects, construction managers and laborers have been working hard to bring this massive infrastructure project to fruition. Images of the project are presented here through weekly construction progress photos, videos and project renderings.

    Any use of MTA material, including reproduction of photos or renderings, requires written permission from MTA.

    Photos: © Metropolitan Transportation Authority

    For more information contact ESA Community Outreach at (855) 4-MTAESA or email us at

    Construction Progress

    for the most recent photos check out our Flickr page here

      Project Renderings

      • Dining Concourse Escalator Dining Concourse Escalator
      • Lower Platform Lower Platform
      • <Elevator Connection Elevator Connection
      • 45th Street Node 45th Street Node
      • Escalator Wellway Escalator Wellway
      • 44th Street Corridor 44th Street Corridor
      • 45th Street Corridor 45th Street Corridor
      • 45th Street Node 45th Street Node
      • 47th Street Node 47th Street Node
      • Ticketing Hall Ticketing Hall
      • Seated Waiting at Ticketing Seated Waiting at Ticketing
      • Gallery Gallery
      • Ticketing and Waiting Ticketing and Waiting
      • Lower Mezzanine Elevator Lower Mezzanine Elevator
      • Dining Concourse Connection Dining Concourse Connection
      • Lower Platform Lower Platform
      • Upper Platform Upper Platform
      • 245 Park Avenue Entrance 245 Park Avenue Entrance

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