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    Project Documents

    In accordance with federal guidelines, the MTA makes a variety of enabling documents, agreements, memoranda and reports available to the public. Those documents and informational brochures can be found on these pages.

    Project Documents

      Previous Study Documents

      The following previously completed study documents developed for the Penn Station Access proposal are downloadable in PDF format:

      Final Scoping Document (November 2000)

      Final Scoping Document [pdf 1.21 MB]

      Initial Screening Report (November 2000)

      Initial Screening Results Report [pdf 71 kb]

      Comparative Screening Results Report (September 2002)

      Comparative Screening Results Report [pdf 1.13 MB]


      You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view these documents. Future study documents prepared for this EA also will be posted here.

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