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    Bus Stop Info

    For information on bus stops along Second Avenue please click on the link here.

    Community Outreach

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the work performed in your respective area please contact your Community Liaison for assistance.

    63rd St & Lexington Ave Station Area

    Alexander Zamudio

    72nd Street Station Area

    Claudia Wilson

    86th Street Station Area

    Claudia Wilson

    96th Street Station Area

    Alexander Zamudio

    MTA Capital Construction appreciates that work necessary to complete this vital infrastructure project is going to be disruptive to the daily life of those living and working along the project alignment. In order to maintain a consistent and reliable flow of information to the community, MTACC has liaisons in each of the station areas to act as intermediaries between the project and the community.

    Some of the ways liaisons foster this communication is through:

    • Public workshops:

      Workshops allow residents, employees and business owners to receive construction progress information and discuss quality of life and other issues directly with project representatives.

    • “Ask the Experts” sessions:

    • A gathering of experts from the project as well as numerous city agencies that gives the public an opportunity to ask questions or raise issues about the project with the proper expert source.

    • Good Neighbor Initiative:

      Dedicated staffers review each station area weekly and work directly with residents and city agencies to address sanitation, transportation and other quality of life issues. Daily emails are sent, notifying the public of changes to planned construction activities and upcoming underground blast activity.

    • Construction Advisory Committees (CAC):

      Project staff and community stakeholders meet quarterly to discuss concerns and solutions regarding construction-related issues.

    • There is a CAC for each station area (Lexington Av/63rd Street, 72nd Street, 86th Street, and 96th Street). CACs are comprised of co-op and condo board members, building managers, business owners, property owners who live in walk-ups not represented by boards, and community board members. MTA Capital Construction senior staff, community outreach personnel, contract managers, and representatives from elected official’s offices and other city agencies also attend CAC meetings.

    • The CAC meetings provide community stakeholders face-to-face access to construction managers, project executives, and MTA Capital Construction staff to discuss issues and work toward solutions. Issues identified at the public workshops are also addressed at the CAC meetings. CAC presentations, as well as newsletters and other information, are available on the SAS website:

    • Community Tours:

      Station Area tours provided an opportunity for community members to observe firsthand the magnitude and progress of the construction taking place underground. The tours were led by MTA Capital Construction President Michael Horodniceanu and SVP Program Executive Anil Parikh. During Phase 1 construction a total of 73 community tours were held on one Saturday each month with 2,127 participants.

    • Community Newsletters:

      Newsletters for each station area are distributed monthly. The newsletters are available online, in hardcopy (available in building lobbies and at local businesses), and are emailed to the SAS distribution list. They provide valuable information about construction updates and milestones, work hours, as well as photos and renderings of future station areas. All newsletters are available on the SAS

    Air quality monitoring information is available online for each station area, and updated each week:\sasair.
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