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South Ferry Terminal

Environmental Assessment and Section 4(f) Evaluation

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Notice of Availability

Volume 1

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Project Purpose and Need

Fig. 1: Project Location

Fig. 2: Existing Station Configuration

Fig. 3: Existing Station in Relation to Surrounding Facilities

Fig. 4: Photographs of Existing Station and Environs

Fig. 5: Conceptual Site Plan

Fig. 6: Schematic Diagrams of Proposed Action

Fig. 7: Project Corridor

Chapter 2: Analysis Framework

Chapter 3: Alternatives Considered

Fig. 8: Platform Extension Alternative

Fig. 9: Three Track Alternative

Fig. 10: Inside Loop Alternative

Fig. 11: Water Street Terminal Alternative

Fig. 12: South Street Terminal Alternative

Fig. 13: Whitehall Street Terminal Alternative

Chapter 4: Construction Methods and Activities

Fig. 14: Construction Excavation & Staging Areas

Chapter 5: Potential Environmental Impacts

5-1: Land Acquisition

5-2: Land Use and Zoning

Fig. 15a: Land Use Site Photos

Fig. 15b: Land Use Site Photos

Fig. 16: Existing Land Use

Fig. 17: Existing Zoning

5-3: Public Open Space

Fig. 18: Open Space Study Area and Resources

Fig. 19: Battery Park Master Plan

Fig. 20: Battery Park Tree Impacts

Fig. 21: Peter Minuit Plaza Existing Mapped Parkland

Fig. 22: Surface Features in Peter Minuit Plaza (Plan View)

Fig. 23: Surface Features in Peter Minuit Plaza (Elevated Plan View)

5-4: Community and Public Facilities

Fig. 24: Community Facilities in Study Area

5-5: Navigable Waterways and Coastal Zone

Fig. 25: Coastal Zone Boundary Map

5-6: Water Quality

5-7: Wetlands and Sensitive Species

5-8: Floodplains

Fig. 26: Flood Zone Boundary Map

5-9: Transportation and Pedestrian Circulation

5-10: Air Quality

5-11: Noise and Vibration

Fig. 27: FTA Impact Criteria for Airborne Operational Noise

Fig. 28: Noise Monitoring Locations

5-12: Infrastructure and Energy Requirements

5-13: Archaeological and Historic Resources

Fig. 29: Areas of Potential Effect (APE)

Fig. 30: Areas of Archaeological Potential

Fig. 31: Historic Architectural Resources in Study Area

Fig. 32: Photos of South Ferry Tilework

5-14: Contaminated Materials

Fig. 33: Areas of Environmental Concern

5-15: Aesthetic Resources

Fig. 34: Peter Minuit Plaza Reconstruction Design

Fig. 35: Visual Resources in Study Area

Fig. 36: Terminal Entry in Peter Minut Plaza

5-16: Community Disruption

5-17: Safety and Security

5-18: Secondary Development

5-19: Consistency with Local Plans

5-20: Socioeconomics

5-21: Environmental Justice

Fig. 37: Proportion of Minority Residents within Study Area

Fig. 38: Proportion of Persons Below Poverty within Study Area

Chapter 6: Cumulative Effects

Fig. 39: Lower Manhattan Projects Roadwork

Fig. 40: Existing and Proposed 05-06 Construction Truck Routes

Chapter 7: Agency Coordination and Public Outreach

Chapter 8: References

Section 4(f) Evaluation

Section 4(f) figures (Figs 1 through 4)

Acronym List

Volume 2

Cover Page

Table of Contents

APPENDIX A: Governor Pataki Letter of February 6, 2003 and Presidential Executive Order 13274

APPENDIX B: Draft SHPO Agreement

APPENDIX C: Phase IA Archaeological Assessment

APPENDIX D: Environmental Analysis Framework and Environmental Performance Commitments for Federal Transportation Recovery Projects in Lower Manhattan

APPENDIX E: Cumulative Effects Analysis/Construction Assumptions

APPENDIX F: Estimates of Construction-Related Truck and Equipment Quantities

APPENDIX G: Agency Coordination and Correspondence Documents

APPENDIX H: Public Comment and Correspondence Documents

Project Description | South Ferry Terminal & Battery Park | Environmental and Regulatory Process
Project Archaeology | Project Schedule | Presentations | Keeping in Touch


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