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South Ferry Terminal Project

South Ferry Terminal & Battery Park

The existing South Ferry Terminal and loop tracks were built underneath Battery Park at the turn of the 20th Century. The new station is being designed so that the platform, mezzanine and all station entrances will located completely outside of the park footprint. No portion of Battery Park will be permanently taken for this project.

Some new construction will be required below Battery Park to link the existing subway tracks to the new station location. MTA New York City Transit is currently reviewing design and construction options with a goal of minimizing impacts on the park during the construction period. Efforts are also underway to coordinate the construction program with planned renovation efforts being undertaken by the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and the Battery Conservancy, as well as with adjacent road improvement projects planned by New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).

Green Design Plans

MTA New York City Transit will apply the highest industry-standards for environmental policy and management, including employment of "Green" Design and Construction principles, which may include:

Environmental Performance Commitments

MTA, the Port Authority and NYSDOT have agreed on a common "framework" for evaluating cumulative impacts from other Lower Manhattan Projects, and on Environmental Performance Commitments (EPCs) to be implemented during construction.

EPC’s include:

  • Using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel
  • Limiting unnecessary vehicle idling
  • Controlling dust at construction sites
  • Scheduling project construction activities to minimize noise & vibration impacts
  • Coordinate projects to avoid or minimize interruption in access to cultural and historic sites
  • Develop project-specific pedestrian and vehicular maintenance plans
  • Coordinate activities to minimize economic effects


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