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Second Ave Subway

APRIL 4th 2011 TO APRIL 25th 2011



100th to 99th Streets

Set up Rebar Fabrication Yard. Con Edison pulling & splicing cables.  Excavate for 60" water main tie-in at 99th St.

99th to 97th  Streets  

Excavate and install 60" watermain tie-in. Installation of support piles for sewer.  Con Edison pulling and splicing cables

97th to 96th Streets

Install 48" sewer crossing and temporary connection. Restore sidewalk, 2nd Ave west side between 96th and 97th.


96th to 95th Streets

Install Geo Technical instrumentation.  Installations support for deck beams. Excavate and install deck beam footings.  Install 36" water main.

95th to 94th Streets

Installation of tie in for 36" water main.

94th to 93rd Streets

Removal of existing support structures for preparation of foundation work at Ancillary # 1 (93rd St).                                                     

93rd to 92nd Street  


Continuing with rock removal from Launch Box. Operation of vertical conveyor. 

92nd to 91st Streets


Tunnel Boring Machine excavating East Tunnel.  TBM currently on 2nd Avenue  between 90th and 91St

91st to 90th Streets



 Dismantling and removing ground freeze plant and equipment.



88th to 87th Streets

Work zone located on West side of 2nd Ave. Excavating & installing 12"  Water Main


87th to 86th Streets


Work zone located on West side of 2nd Ave. Completion of Con Ed Duct work.

86th to 85th Streets


Work zone located on West side of 2nd Ave. Excavating & installing 12" water main and Con Edison duct run. Con Ed splice and energize North East area

85th to 84th Streets


Maintenance and Protection of Traffic - Contractor material storage area Con Ed install cables North West location

84th to 83rd Streets

West Side:  Continue support of excavation installation. Mechanical excavation of rock.  DOT permit for closure of 83rd St between 1st & 2nd and between 2nd & 3rd Aves between 9am and 5pm Monday thru Friday. Continue with electric conduit and manhole installations. Con Ed cable splicing

83rd to 82nd Streets

Maintenance and Protection of Traffic- Contractor material storage area.  Con Edison cable splicing

79th to 78th Streets

Center Maintenance and Protection of Traffic. 

74th to 73rd    Streets

Operation of water treatment plant

73rd to 72nd Streets

Continuing controlled blasting activities on 2nd Avenue. Demobilization of the crane. Start construction of muck conveyance system. 


72nd Street     North West Side

Continuing interior abatement/ demolition of 259 E 72nd St Ancillary 2.  Installation of Support of Excavation for East/South Wall.  Gas and electrical utility relocation.

72nd to 71st  Streets  


Contractor storage and maintenance area

71st to 70th Streets 

Complete utility connections and build stairs to employee trailers. Ready trailers for employee use mid to end April 

70th to 69th Street

Continuing of controlled blasting activities on 2nd Avenue.  Installation of instrumentation to 63rd Street

69th Street North West Side

Gas and electrical utility relocations.  Preparation for Asbestos abatement.

3rd Ave between 62nd and 63rd Street

Removal of bus shelter and elimination of M 102,103,104 bus stop at the south east corner of 63rd St.   Installation of Geo-tech instrumentation. 

3rd Ave. between 63rd and 64th  Street      

Installation of Maintenance and protection of traffic on east side of 3rd Avenue.  No parking permitted traffic reduced to 5 lanes

Controlled blasting of 72nd Street and 69th Street is completed

BE ADVISED: Con Ed, Empire City Subway and Verizon may be performing cable and gas line work outside regular SAS construction Hours. Some of this work will take place on 2nd Ave between 68th and 74th Streets will be intermittently carried out in support of the Second Avenue Subway 

Work Hours:
7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Saturday.
Work Taking Place under Decking is Permitted 24 Hours.

If you have additional questions, please contact Claudia Wilson at (212) 792-9716 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday, or contact the 2nd Avenue Subway Hotline 24 hours/7 days a week at (646)252-2670.

Traffic Update

100th Street to 95th Street

91st Street to 95th Street

88th Street to 82nd Street

74th Street to 68th Street


69th to 73rd Streets

The Second Avenue Subway project will be using a well established excavation technique called controlled blasting to excavate two access shafts at 69th Street and 72nd Street which will eventually be used as access points for the construction of the 72nd Street Station. We have used this technique at many of our projects in Manhattan.

Controlled blasting activities are scheduled to begin on or about February 8th, 2010.

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) has approved a controlled blasting plan for the area of Second Avenue between 69th and 73rd Street which will be carried out in coordination with the MTA and S3 Tunnel Constructors. All blasting will be conducted under the direction and regulations of the FDNY. Blasting is permitted to take place during the approved Second Ave Subway working hours of 7 AM to 10 PM, although, every effort will be made to limit blasting to daylight hours.

Blasting Procedures

As required by New York State regulations, and monitored by FDNY, all explosive materials are delivered to and from the work site daily. Vibration and noise limits have been established by the MTA and the project designer. The vibration and noise readings will be monitored by the construction management team.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Marcus Book, Assistant Director, MTA NYC Transit Government and Community Relations at 646-252-2675 or Claudia Wilson at the work site at 212-792-9716.

If you have additional questions, please visit the Keeping in Touch page for contact information.

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