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Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Section 4(f) Evaluation

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Volume 1 - Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Section 4(f) Evaluation

Cover Page

Signature Page


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Purpose and Need

Chapter 2: Analysis Framework

Chapter 3: Alternatives

Chapter 4: Construction Methods and Activities

Chapter 5: Public Outreach

Chapter 6: Traffic and Transportation

Chapter 7: Social and Economic Conditions

Chapter 8: Public Open Space and Parklands

Chapter 9: Urban Design and Visual Resources

Chapter 10: Displacement and Relocation

Chapter 11: Cultural Resources

Chapter 12: Air Quality

Chapter 13: Noise and Vibration

Chapter 14: Infrastructure, Energy and Solid Waste

Chapter 15: Natural Resources

Chapter 16: Contaminated Materials and Waste Management

Chapter 17: Coastal?Zone

Chapter 18: Safety

Chapter 19: Environmental Justice

Chapter 20: Coordinated Cumulative Effects Analysis

Chapter 21: Committment of Resources

Chapter 22: Section 4(f) Evaluation

Chapter 23: List of Preparers

Chapter 24: List of Notified Agenices and Organizations



Volume 2 - Appendices

Cover Page

Table of Contents

APPENDIX A: Purpose and Need

APPENDIX B: Alternatives

APPENDIX C: Construction Methods and Activities

APPENDIX D: Traffic and Transportation

APPENDIX E: Social and Economic Conditions

APPENDIX F: Urban Design and Visual Resources

APPENDIX G: Displacements and Relocations

APPENDIX H: Cultural Resources

APPENDIX I: Air Quality

APPENDIX J: Noise and Vibration

APPENDIX K: Natural Resources

APPENDIX L: Contaminated Materials and Waste Management

APPENDIX M: Coastal Zone Management

APPENDIX N: Environmental Analysis Framework

APPENDIX O: Section 4(f)

APPENDIX P: Notice of Intent and Response to Comments

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