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Construction Update

MTA Capital Construction has begun construction work on the Fulton Center in December 2004. As each segment of work is completed, customer benefits are being delivered to the public. The following benefits have already been rolled out:

A bulletC bullet Station Mezzanine Connection to Southbound J bulletZ bullet Platform at Fulton Street Reopened (August 2012).
Please read the MTA Press Release for details.

AC Fulton St Station Mezzanine signage

New entrance opened at 135 William Street (August 2011)

The new entrance provides customers with improved access to the 2 bullet3 bullet4 bullet5 bulletA bulletC bulletJ bulletZ bullet lines and will ease congestion between the Fulton Street 2 bullet3 bullet and A bulletC bullet stations. Please read the MTA Press Release for details.

135 William Street 1     135 William Street 2

Cortlandt Street R bullet northbound subway station reopened (November 2009)

The northbound side of the Cortlandt Street R bullet subway station reopened for customer service on November 25, 2009. Please read the MTA Press Release for details.

Cortlandt Street photo    Cortlandt Street Station_02

Cortlandt Street Station_03

Restoration of the southbound side of the Cortlandt Street R bullet subway station was completed in September, 2011.

Cortlandt Street has been reopened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic in this vicinity.

New southern entrances to 45 Fulton Street Station (completed August 2007)
Maiden Lane

New entrances, including stairways and fare control areas have opened at Maiden Lane and Broadway (for thenorthbound platform) and at Cortlandt Street and Broadway (for the southbound platform)

Cortlandt Street Station

Cortlandt Street has been reopened to traffic between Church Street and Broadway.

Rehabilitation of 2 bullet3 bullet Fulton Street Station (completed November 2006)

Rehab Station

The following major construction work has been completed as part of the Fulton Center project:
Dey Street below-ground passageway

dey STreet structural box• The heavy civil work portion of the construction of the Dey Street passageway has been completed in November 2008. This below-ground connector will link the Fulton Center with the World Trade Center site.


• Vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Dey Street has been fully restored.

Dey Street Concourse rendering• Finishes work for the passageway is scheduled to commence in 2010. An architect’s rendering of the finished passageway is shown at right.

Deconstruction of east of Broadway buildings (completed September 2007)

East Broadway demolition• Deconstruction of buildings on the east side of Broadway between Fulton and John Streets has been completed.

• Two moving vehicular traffic lanes on Broadway are being maintained.

The following construction contracts are currently underway:
Transit Center Foundations

Foundations Contract

Construction of the foundations for the Transit Center building started in December 2008. This work includes construction of the A bulletC bullet to Transit Center connector, connection to the 4 bullet5 bullet Station platform and an underpass beneath 144 Fulton Street.

Subway Service Advisories

Service on Lower Manhattan 1 bullet2 bullet3 bullet4 bullet5 bullet A bulletC bulletJ bulletN bulletR bullet trains is being periodically affected by construction work for the Fulton Street Transit Center project.

Read the Guide to Weekend Travel during Construction in Lower Manhattan for general information.

Check the NYCT Service Advisories page for all current service changes.