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4 line 5 line Station Proposed Description of Work

November 2004 Rehabilitation Strategy at ~35% level


Below street level, the new Transit Center has a direct link to the historic Fulton Street station platform. The historic wall will be repaired and restored. Portions of the northbound platform wall will be removed to improve pedestrian access into the Transit Center.

The existing walls of the northbound and southbound platforms are historic elements in which existing fabric will be rehabilitated, replaced, and repaired as required by their condition. All existing structure will be stripped and repainted. The walls of the stairs to the street will be ceramic tile.

The connection between the existing northbound platform and the new Transit Center requires the closure of several existing openings and the creation of several new openings. This new configuration will relieve the current congestion condition and provide quicker transfers between the train and the Transit Center. The closures of existing openings will be implemented with the re-use of historic materials where possible. The new penetrations in the existing platform walls will retain all of the existing faience border at the top of the wall. They will also retain all of the decorative marble, faience, and mosaic treatments at the piers. Marble wainscoating and glass field tile will be retained between the new openings and the marble piers. The new openings will be expressed clearly as cuts through historic fabric, with the existing construction materials visible. The edge of the historic finishes will be protected with inverted steel angle corner guards.

Descriptive Drawings

The following links are in PDF format and requires the Acrobat plug in. Click here for details on downloading Acrobat.

Rendering of Southbound Platform -- Existing Conditions
Rendering of Northbound Platform Exit to Transit Center Building
Rendering of Southbound Platform Exit to Fulton Street
Rendering of Northbound Platform Wall Elements (Section 1a)
Rendering of Northbound Platform Wall Elements (Section 6a)
Rendering of Southbound Platform Wall Elements (Section 1a)
Rendering of Southbound Platform Wall Elements (Section 6a)
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