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MTA Long Island Rail Road's Connection to
Grand Central Terminal
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Project Benefits
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When it is complete, East Side Access will serve approximately 160,000 customers a day. The creation of a direct “one-seat” LIRR service from the Long Island/Queens corridor into GCT will have a number of significant regional transportation benefits, including:

•  Reducing Penn Station train arrivals while increasing LIRR    Manhattan arrivals by 41 percent

•  Reducing pedestrian crowding in Penn Station

•  Eliminating standees on the LIRR between Jamaica and        Penn Station

•  Improving the reliability of train service

•  Reducing crowding on the subway lines that use Penn     Station and the No. 7 line

•  Reducing daily vehicle miles of travel in the region and     improving air quality

•  Allowing for Metro- North service to Penn Station     thereby providing for a more balanced transportation     system

•  Providing convenient access between the east side of     Manhattan and JFK International Airport (via the AirTrain     at Jamaica)

•  Supporting local and regional land use and economic     development patterns

MTA/LIRR East Side Access — July 2014
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