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7 Construction Update: 7-Line Extension

September 2012

Construction of the 7-Line Extension, which began in December 2007, is progressing well as it moves closer to its June 2014 revenue service date.

There are a total of five above-ground work sites for the 7-Line Extension Project:

  1. Site L (Ventilation Building) – 41st Street and Dyer Avenue
  2. Site J (Main Station Entrance & Ventilation Building) – 11th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets
  3. Site K (Ventilation Building) – 11th Avenue between 35th and 37th Streets
  4. Site P (Secondary Station Entrance) – 11th Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets
  5. Site A (Ventilation Building) – 11th Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets

*Download a map of the 7-Line Extension Project here.

Construction Updates (as of 9/12/2012):

Site L: The Core and Shell (i.e. structural) contractor is nearing completion of all work on the ventilation building located on West 41st Street at Dyer Avenue. Consequently, the Systems and Finishes contractor was given access to work throughout the building’s interior space (see image below).

Site L ventilation building, September 2012.

Site J: Significant progress has been made at the construction site on 33rd/34th Street at 11th Avenue. The station entrance area has been completed and was turned over to the Systems and Finishes contractor. “Core and Shell” construction of the ventilation building continues at this site (see site below).

 Site J station entranceand ventilation building construction, September 2012.

Site K: The ventilation building (i.e. its core and shell) will be turned over to the Systems and Finishes contractor in September 2012. Reconstruction of 11th Avenue between 35th and 37th Streets above the building will continue and is forecast to be completed before the end of the year.  

Site P: This will be the last construction contract awarded for the 7-Line Extension project. Structural components and building systems/finishes for the secondary entrance to the new 34th Street Station are to be completed under this contract (see rendering below). The contract is expected to be awarded in September 2012.

SiteP rendering of secondary entrance to 34th St station.


Systems and Finishes (including Site A): The systems contract includes track, all mechanical, electrical and related systems throughout the tunnels, station, ventilation buildings and the main subway entrance at 34th Street. Site A includes core and shell construction, as well as mechanical, electrical and related systems work. Significant progress has already been made and will continue throughout the project limits.  

About the Project

When the 7-Line Extension opens for revenue service in June 2014, it will bring the Flushing Line to 34th Street & 11th Avenue, at the heart of what will be Manhattan's newest neighborhood. The subway extension will make it possible for new housing, office buildings, restaurants, entertainment and other commercial establishments to grow on the Far West Side.

The new subway terminal will improve service reliability for all riders of the 7-Line in Queens and Manhattan by providing additional storage space for trains. It will also provide convenient access to the adjacent development and to the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

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