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Effective Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FedBizOpps.Gov replaces FedTeDS.Gov

Vendors interested in bidding opportunities listed on the Construction and Architectural/Engineering Opportunities page must adhere to the following requirements:

Vendors must register with System for Award Mangement (SAM), a federal vendor database used to validate vendor information, before obtaining TBTA construction and architectural/engineering bid documents. The registration process requires a DUNS number and can be done online at It takes approximately ten minutes to register and you should receive a response within 48 hours. This process is free of charge.

Vendors must provide their Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number and company Employer Identification Number (EIN) when ordering TBTA bid documents. The DUNS number is a unique nine-character identification number provided by the commercial company Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). Vendors who do not have a DUNS number may call D&B at (866) 705-5711 or (610) 882-7000, or visit D&B’s website at to obtain one. The website process to request a DUNS number takes about 10 minutes and is free of charge if you state you require the DUNS number for registration in the System for Award Management website.

Vendors must request bid documents for these projects on our bid document order form.

Vendors must download addenda documents from FedBizOpps at Vendors who have purchased bid documents will no longer receive addenda documents by mail from TBTA. Instead, those vendors will be notified by email instructing to download it from FeDBizOpps.

FedBizOpps, a federal website used to distribute and disseminate sensitive but unclassified procurement related materials, only accepts SAM registered vendors.

If you have any questions regarding these requirements please contact for clarification.

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