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Instructions for State of Qualification of Subcontractor / Subconsultant / Supplier / Fabricator

1 All subcontractors, subconsultants, suppliers, and fabricators shall complete the Appendix I as required by Contract.  Additionally, prime contractors and prime consultants shall complete the Appendix I when proposing to self-perform the design of, inspection of or working with asbestos, lead or handling hazardous waste.  The Authority at its sole discretion may require completion of any or all of these forms.  Firms who do not perform job-site functions are not required to submit EMR/OSHA information and in the explanation box should state, "Our firm performs no job-site functions".
2 Appendix I is required in addition to completion of the Appendix K which may be required based on the conditions provided in the Appendix K or at the direction of the Authority.
3 For construction contractors and subcontractors proposed to be working with asbestos, lead or handling hazardous waste, former Appendices F, G, and H are superseded by Exhibits A (for asbestos), L (for lead) and H (hazardous waste materials) which are located on the Exhibits tab in this Excel Worksheet.  For consultants and subconsultants, TS-7 and TS-8 are superseded by Exhibits A and L
4 Exhibits A, L and/or H  must be completed in addition to and appended to the Appendix I  when the subcontractor is proposed to be working with asbestos (Exhibit A), lead (Exhibit L) or handling hazardous waste materials (Exhibit H).
5 The Contractor shall complete all of the blanks in the Appendix (and Exhibits when required), send the completed Excel form to the Engineer (or designee) and Contract Manager, print the Appendix I and Exhibits when applicable, sign, notarize, and mail original to the Engineer and Contract Manager.
6 For the purposes of this form, fabricators are considered suppliers unless they provide services on the project site, in which case they are considered subcontractors.
7 For Question 2B, obtain this information from the Engineer or Contract Manager.  Capital equipment does NOT mean equipment purchased as part of a Capital construction contract.

Right click and select "Save Target As" to view the Excel file for Appendix I - Sub Responsibility

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