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Q. Why did I receive a recertification letter from E-ZPass?

A. MTA Bridges and Tunnels has started a new, automated process to recertify E-ZPass accounts which are receiving the Staten Island or Rockaway/Broad Channel resident discount.   Many resident accounts are certified automatically; however, some resident account holders may receive a letter asking them to provide additional information to confirm eligibility.

Q. I didn’t receive a recertification letter, but my neighbor did. Why?

A. Accounts are selected for recertification based on the original month that the resident discount plan was added to your account.  You may not have received a letter because your account was automatically recertified.  Or, your account may not yet be due for recertification.  You do not need to take any action unless you receive a letter from E-ZPass.

Q. Why wasn’t my account recertified automatically?

A. The primary reason E-ZPass accounts cannot be recertified automatically is because the vehicle license plates listed on the account are no longer valid or are no longer registered in an eligible zip code.  Customers may have purchased or leased a new vehicle but did not update their E-ZPass account with their new license plate and vehicle information. 

Q. Are there other reasons why my recertification wasn’t automatic?

A. Yes.  Some accounts may have a mailing address that is outside of an eligible zip code.  In addition, some accounts may have excess E-ZPass tags which need to be returned to the E-ZPass service center.

Q. What happens if I don’t submit the requested documentation, or return excess tags?

A. MTA Bridges and Tunnels is required to recertify E-ZPass accounts with resident discount plans.  If requested documentation is not received, or if excess tags are not returned, your resident discount plan may be removed from your E-ZPass account.

Q. Do I have to bring my documentation to the E-ZPass service center? Can I mail or fax my proof of residency and vehicle registrations?

A. You do not have to visit the Service Center.  You can fax your documentation to 718-390-9772, or mail copies (never originals) to the E-ZPass Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 15187, Albany, NY 12212-5187.

Q. How often are E-ZPass accounts recertified?

A. Resident E-ZPass accounts will be recertified every two (2) years.

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